The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 20, 1926
A Walk Along Athletic Row

How Opinion Does Vary
It is strange how opinion varies. Bethlehemites who witnessed the game are practically unanimous that the Phils, with the exception of a very few raids, didn't have a look-in. All this in spite of the close score. On the other hand, accounts of the game practically agree that Archie Stark, for one, was running wild and that the excellent work of Kucklick and the Philadelphia defense frustrated more scoring. It is quite logical in drawing deduction to say that the overwork of the defense indicates plainly which was the attacking side and which club was doing the most pressing. All soccer games are hard to lose, whether by one-goal margin or by a flock of galas, and even harder to lose when involved in a cup tie play where one-defeat-and-out is the routine. As for penalties, many contend that such an award is a break of the game, the club favored being fortunate. Our opinion differs, for while many penalties are probably accidental, just as many are intentional and the infringement executed as a last resort is preventing scoring. In the National cup competition, Bethlehem disposed of the New York Giants by the margin of a penalty goal. However, as the infringement a score seemed inevitable when Stark was carrying through and then upset in the penalty area. Penalties are usually made when the player committing the foul is completely beaten and has no other means of saving except by handling or otherwise committing a foul.

Protests Not Generally Heeded
While protests are sometimes warranted, the league officials hate to take cognizance for fear of establishing a precedent. If once the executives weaken and give in, it's a safe bet that a good bit of their time in the future will be monopolized in airing a flood of protests. There are some instances, we believe, where a protest is merited and one club in particular had good, substantial grounds to register a kick. Incidentally, the game we have in mind was an important affair. However, taking all in all, it is believed that the bulk of protests are inspired by a partisan attitude. The Steelmen, for one, seemingly do not anticipate that the Phils have a leg to stand on for in spite of the rumored protest, arrangements are swimming along merrily in preparation for the second round American Soccer League cup game against Newark at the latter place on Sunday afternoon.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club