The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 20, 1927
Players Entertained at Community Center and Masonic Temple Tuesday Night.

The Booster Club's dance and reception to the opposing teams in today's classic was held Tuesday evening at the Masonic Temple Auditorium, and enjoyed by many friends of the team. There were souvenirs of the occasion for everyone in the form of fancy balloons and noise makers, which were used to good advantage throughout the evening.

A prominent feature of the affair was the appearance of Miss Agnes Cunningham, who took the part of "Miss Bethlehem" in today's festivities. She was introduced to the players, for whom she will kick the first ball today.

The Bethlehem players had been the guests of the Brith Shalom Community Center earlier in the evening at a dinner, and they, in company with the members of the Hakoah Club put in an appearance later in the evening. The representatives of both clubs were greeted warmly, but their stay at the function was cut somewhat short on account of training regulations demanding that they retire early.

The music was furnished by Art Wohlbach and his Harmony Kings, Jimmy Bell, former minstrel man, rendering popular songs in a manner quite on par with those heard over radio.

The committee in charge was under the direction of Robert McCurley, assisted by Adam Paton and R. Dickson, Jas. Barrett and R. Thomas and William Highfield.

Officials of the Booster Club announced that they will be [ . . . ] celebration within a short time in [ . . ] of the winning of the American League pennant by the Steelworkers.

Dinner at Jewish Center

The reception and dinner given to the Hakoahs and their opponents, the Steel soccer team at the Brith Shalom Community Center by the Board of Directors and by members of the ladies of the Sisterhood was a successful event.

The decorative scene was blue and white, the Zionist colors. Palms were loaned by D. M. Goldberg, florist.

Manager Barr of the visiting team spoke of the merits of the team and said that although they hoped to win today, they desired above winning to play a clean game.

Following the dinner a dance was enjoyed at which there were around 400 people. Spear's orchestra supplied the music.

The women of the Sisterhood who aided in preparing the dinner were: Mrs. Oscar Brisker, Mrs. J. G. Beilin, Mrs. J. Subkow, Mrs. J. M. Silverstein, Mrs. J. Epstein, Mrs. Alexander Maysells, Mrs. Isador Signer, Mrs. William Bornstein, Mrs. J. D. Fravilig and Mrs. L. C. Ziegler.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club