The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 21, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Get Another Smack at Fall River
The Bethlehem Steel soccer team and Fall River will meet in another cup game. This time it will be the American Cup competition trophy at state and the last opportunity for Bethlehem to split honors in the cup tie games with Fall River this season. Both these rival soccer clans qualified to meet in the final round with games played over the weekend, Fall River defeating Abbott-Worsted at Pawtucket, R. I., on Saturday afternoon and the Bethlehems coming through with a victory over the New York F. C. in a game played at New York on Sunday afternoon. In addition to the cup tilt the Steel Workers and Fall River are scheduled to meet twice yet in the American Soccer League games. In spite of the lateness of the season these games will be played unless Fall River, now leading the circuit, by a comfortable margin, piles up enough victories to make the league honors certain.

Met Same Opponents To Qualify For Another Clash
Soccer as a rule runs true to form. That is the team superior usually makes the grade and is in the running in the final listing. This happened to be the case in the American Cup competition in which the survivors or the final rounds were the same as those in the National Cup competition and incidentally the run of the competition was practically the same in that close and tight games were played. Fall River eliminated Abbott-Worsted in the fourth round of the National Cup tie by the scantiest margin and had to go into extra periods to duplicate the feat in the American cup race. Bethlehem Steel was deadlocked with New York F. C. in the fourth round of the National but in the replay in New York Oval won by the score of 4 to 3. Again on Sunday afternoon when Bethlehem eliminated the New Yorkers in the American competition, the margin of victory for the Steel Workers was a lone tally.

Fleisher's Win Amateur Soccer Title
Fleisher Yarn, the crack little amateur team of Philadelphia, defeated by the Steel Workers several weeks ago in the American Cup competition, journeyed to the West and annexed the National Amateur Soccer Championship of the United States. Fleisher defeated the Swedish Americans at Chicago, Ill., by the score of 3 goals to none and in addition to annexing the laurels of National champions the victory carried with it the honor of representing the United States in the Olympic soccer games at Paris. However, it is understood that all of the Fleisher players are eligible to compete and the balance of the team will be picked from other amateur teams.

Passed Up Chance For Trip Abroad
Bethlehem has one amateur player at least who might have qualified for Olympic competition but passed up the opportunity by not affiliating with some of the recognized amateur soccer clans. This player is Joseph Morrison, an athlete and student at Bethlehem Prep, whom local critics contend could have easily made a berth. Morrison several season ago was good enough to be given a trial with the Steel Workers and acquitted himself in fine style. Later he affiliated with the Fleisher clan and played several games with the Philadelphia amateurs. Joe could have continued his affiliation with the Fleisher team had he showed an inclination to do so for his playing was an outstanding feature with that aggregation. By winning from the Swedish Americans, Fleisher players eligible get the preference in the selection of players to go to the Olympics and had Morrison again affiliated with that clan his inclusion with the team for the trip would have been assured.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club