The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 21, 1924
Bethlehem's Star Soccer Clan Now a Finalist in American Cup Competition
The Bethlehem Steel soccer team is now a finalist in the American Cup competition advancing to this round by defeating the New York F. C. on the latter's home grounds, at New York Oval, Sunday afternoon in a great game by the score of 1 goal to none. By the victory Bethlehem qualifies to meet Fall River, national champions, in the final.

The game was typical of cup play in that both teams were at their best, and played with a determination throughout. Since the trip to St. Louis, the Bethlehem aggregation seemed to play with a renewed dash and frequently brought the plaudits of the five thousand or more spectators with their brilliant play.

Notwithstanding the April showers, which fell intermittently throughout the afternoon, the rain in no way marred the contest or interfered with the [...] crowd which included many women. These spectators witnessed one of the hardest fought games this season and similar to the fourth round of the National Cup competition when the Bethlehemites, defeating the New York F. C. in the oval, were kept on edge with thrilling and spectacular play up to the very end.

Neither side was able to score in the first half. The Steel Workers started off with a rush that fairly swept the New Yorkers off their feet, and for practically ten minutes did all the pressing. The outside men were playing wonderfully and carried the ball up the field time and again, but in spite of well placed centers the rival defense seemed to be able to check the tide.

After Bethlehem had shot its bolt in the opening minutes the New Yorkers seemed to find themselves, and from then on to the end of the game seemed to have the better of the play, although their determined efforts, too, counted for naught. The New Yorkers' closest attempt to scoring in this period came when Duggan menaced Bethlehem's goal, his shot striking the upright. On the rebound A. Stark headed over. A. Stark was dangerous all the way through and was the star of the New York team.

While the New Yorkers probably had the edge in the opening half, the same could hardly be said after play resumed, for in these forty-five minutes it was Bethlehem who did the bulk of the pressing with only occasionally New York breaking away. Ends were changed with the count a scoreless tie. Fifteen minutes after play started Referee Oats, who worked satisfactorily, and one of his best games, gave a penalty against Capt. Carnihan, for handling. McGuire was on the ball and passed to Capt. Carnihan when he drove towards center, the contact of the ball and Carnihan's hand being an unavoidable accident. However, it was a penalty and A. Stark took the shot. "Bill" Highfield, who has earned quite an enviable reputation on saving penalties, again proved master of the occasion and thwarted the New Yorkers' best attempt to count. Highfield seemed to anticipate where the shot was going and walking to and fro between the uprights was on the left side when Stark's shot settled there. On the rebound Stark headed past.

Neil Turner then worked the ball down the field for Bethlehem, moving up the wing until close to the goal line when he centered back. His center, it seemed, placed both W. Jackson and Goldie on-side, with the former expected to get the ball. W. Jackson missed it but Goldie turned the ball into the New York net. Referee Oats, however, called the player offside and the goal did not count. Once after that W. Jackson scored, but again Bethlehem had the benefit of the count by an offside decision.

With the team deadlocked and only fifteen more to go, Walter Jackson finally punctured the net with a drive that was conceded free from any questionable doubt. He cut loose with one of his characteristic terrific drives from about twenty yards out. The ball sailed along low and although Geudert was in line to get his hands on it he apparently did not realize the speed with which the ball was traveling and it got away from him, reaching the inside of the net. This yielded the winning goal for Bethlehem. The lineup:

New York 0 -- Bethlehem 1
Geudert -- G -- Highfield
Meyerdicks -- RFB -- Young
Furrier -- LFB -- D. Ferguson
T. Stark -- RHB -- MacGregor
Terris -- CHB -- Carnihan
Herd -- LHB -- Robertson
Duggan -- OR -- Turner
McGuire -- IR -- A. Jackson
A. Stark -- C -- W. Jackson
McNiven -- IL -- Maxwell
McGhee -- OL -- Goldie
Goal: W. Jackson, Bethlehem. Referee: O. Oats, Philadelphia. Linesmen: Hayes and T. Cunningham. Time: halves of 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club