The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 21, 1924
Cup Committee May Stage Meeting Between Bethlehem And Fall River in N. Y. Oval

Since Bethlehem is qualified to meet Fall River, national champion, in the final of the American Cup competition, interest in this coming setto promises to be even greater than in the semi-final of the National Cup in which the Steel Workers intense rivals eliminated the local clan from further participation.

Just where the final of the American Cup will be played is not known at this time and will not be definitely decided until sometime this week when the cup committee meets to fix the place and date for the last big soccer classic of the present season.

It is hinted, however, that the probable location of the game will be the New York oval, the field on which Bethlehem on Sunday advanced to the final round by defeating the New York F. C. Another possibility is the New England district in which Pawtucket R. I. would be the site most strongly favored.

In New York, however, the fans have been loyal in their attendance and while there is a probability that Pawtucket, R. I., might turn out in slightly larger number, the oval is equipped to handle no less than eight thousand spectators. The strongest argument against the oval is that it presents the smallest field in the American Soccer League. However, the grounds are neutral and with two strangers to play on it the advantages would be with neither one.

There is hardly a likelihood that the game will be scheduled for the coming weekend, but more possibly the week following. By such an arrangement Bethlehem could get in another league game on the home grounds this coming weekend . Quite a few more contests are booked in the American Soccer League race, but these games are mostly contingent on the possibility of ousting Fall River out of first place in the standing of the clubs.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club