The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 21, 1930
A Swing Along Athletic Row

All Washed Up Unless
Down around New York there are conflicting reports on the status of the Bethlehem soccer team and the Lewis cup competition. In some quarters it is reported that the league decided to include Bethlehem in the draw while in other sectors rumor was that the Bethlehem team was eliminated. Naturally, the place to learn the true status of the team would be in Bethlehem but try and do it. From what can be learned the league has not yet acknowledged the withdrawal of the club from the league activities at the close of this month. And the meeting at which notice was given of the formal withdrawal was held a week ago today at Providence. With such business methods it is little wonder that the league is constantly in hot water. Unless Bethlehem is included in the cup competition the team, it is understood, played its last game against Brooklyn yesterday afternoon and in winning displayed a brand of soccer that will not be readily forgotten.

In Possession of the Trophy
Bethlehem is in possession of the Lewis cup and it is certainly asking a lot to prevail upon the club to relinquish its hold on a trophy that had its inception in this city, coming from a local donor, and without giving the team a chance to defend the cherished ambition to retain it. If for no other reason but sentiment, it is understood that the team would have been held intact for competition in the classic.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club