The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 22, 1918
Result is that American Cup Game Will Be Re-Played
On the Grounds of the Disstons, at Philadelphia.
Obtained by Ratican's Goal Early in Extra Period

Two extra periods of 15 minutes each failed to decide the semi-final American Cup soccer match between Disston and the Steel Workers, played on the Bethlehem Steel athletic field before a fair-sized crowd on Saturday afternoon. Decidedly poor work by several of the Steel Workers coupled with the marvelous work of Ness, the visitors' goal tender, entitled the Sawmakers to an even break. Two goals each were scored.

A few minutes before the close of the final half, Bethlehem evaded losing the semi-final when Pepper booted the ball into the net. Incidentally it was in the closing minutes of play in the second of the extra 15 minutes that Disston managed to land the ball into the net, equalizing the score.

A light rain fell before and during part of the game but at no time was the field too soggy to interfere with the play. Disston won the toss and selected the goal with the wind to their back, aiding them materially in checking the onrush of the local team. Time and again, Ness, guardian at the net, held the Steel Workers in check with his wonderful playing. He appeared to be directly in the path of the ball whenever an attempt was made to score.

Disston took the lead 15 minutes from the start, Barret kicking from 12 yards out and made good. Despite the best efforts of the Bethlehem players they were unable to tie their opponents and as the game waned it looked like a certain defeat. Corner kicks availed the nothing as did hardly anything else. Several minutes before the close of the game the locals earned an even break. Bethlehem secured a corner kick and Murphy who assayed the kick, placed the ball in a position for Pepper to place it into the net. For the remainder of the game the visitors' backs feature in checking the desperate efforts of the Steel Workers to score.

At the close of the first 15-minute period both sides were held scoreless but in the first few minutes of the second extra period, Ratican put the team in the lead when he scored from a scrimmage. This lead the locals maintained until a few minutes before the finish. Eastwood got away from Fletcher and Ferguson and drove the ball past Duncan for a goal.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Disston
Duncan -- G -- Ness
Fletcher -- RFB -- Dutcher
Ferguson -- LFB -- Mackin
Murray -- RHB -- Matthews
Campbell -- CHB -- Fisher
Kirkpatrick -- LHB -- Graham
Murphy -- OR -- Coursey
Pepper -- IR -- Hyslop
Ratican -- CF -- Eastwood
Easton -- IL -- Burnett
Fleming -- OL -- Barrett
Goals -- Barrett, Eastwood, Pepper, Ratican. Referee -- George Young, Philadelphia. Linesmen -- Waldron and Wilson . Time of halves -- 45 minutes and two 14 minute periods.


Over-confidence or probably taking the visitors too cheaply came near losing the semi-final cup match for Bethlehem.

Johnny Bedford, manager of Disston, had a hard time keeping his club in tact, but the team he placed on the field on Saturday surely looked like a world beater.

Ness was the big man for the visitors. His marvelous work around the goal featured for Disston.

A good many of the fans witnessed two games. After seeing the Victors lose to the North Ends in the Blue Mountain League, they arrived at the athletic field in time to see the Bethlehem-Disston game.

No matter what the conditions, Pepper plays the same steady game that has characterized his work all season. He is a mountain of strength to the Steel Workers.

According to the rules of the game, the reply will take place next Saturday on Disston's grounds at Tacony.

Little rest for the soccer team this week. If they were caught napping on Saturday its an even bet that "Bill" Sheridan will keep them busy this week.

Bad breaks all through the game robbed the home team of several good chances to score. Bethlehem forced about a dozen corner kicks, but that was all.

Bethlehem's backs apparently were "jinxed". Their playing was anything but that of champions.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club