The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, April 22, 1924
Steel Soccer Stars Meet New York F. C. On Steel Field In Crucial Game

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team will entertain as their rivals in a soccer match on the Steel Field on Saturday the strong New York F. C., who come here for their final appearance of the season. The game is an American Soccer League clash and will have an important bearing on the chances of Bethlehem overhauling Fall River, the leaders of the league.

In New York the Steel Workers meet a formidable opponent, second only to the Fall River aggregation, and a team that in all its games against the Steel Workers were full of fight. Besides there are other issues that make this game one of the most attractive of the season and which have served to stimulate intense rivalry between the two clans.

New York as a contender in the league race and cup competition and advanced in pretty style until the Gotham dribblers opposed Bethlehem. Their last visit here was on Christmas Day afternoon, when they succeeded in drawing with the Steel Workers in the fourth round of the National Cup competition. The following weekend when hopes seemed bright of advancing into the semi-final round, the Bethlehems eliminated New York on the latter's grounds.

Again last Sunday the Bethlehemites crimped the ambition of the Gotham clan when in the semi-final round of the American Cup competition, played on the New Yorkers' grounds, the latter were again eliminated. In each of these important classics the margin of Bethlehem's victory was no more than one goal.

Determined to avenge some of these setbacks, the New York F C. came here on Saturday in a position to take away what little chance still remains for Bethlehem to win the league honors. Victory over the Steel Workers on Saturday would sew up more tightly the big lead established by Fall River. It is with this in mind that both clans will engage in hostilities and a replica of the thrills and spectacular playing of the previous visit of New York to Bethlehem can be expected.

Out around the Steel camp the players are going about their practice with a set determination to close the season without another defeat. This attitude is assumed in spite of the fact that the majority of the remaining games on the schedule are against the leading opponents in the league race. The players came through their Sunday game in good physical condition and barring injury or illness this week, will be in a position to field its strongest club. Granger is gradually recovering from the injuries he received on the St. Louis tour. However, with Turner in good form, the management need not worry about selecting a strong forward line.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club