The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 23, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Blue Ribbon Soccer Classic
The American Cup, American League and Hakoah tour have had their share of bally-hooing but when one gets right down to business, the soccer classic outshining them all is the one that will be decided in Providence, R. I., on Sunday afternoon. It is the Eastern final in the National Cup competition and Bethlehem can proudly boast of having as its entry the defending champion. Fall River is the challenger and the fur is certain to fly when these two great soccer machines get into action. Seriously regretted is that the cup committee saw fit to take the game so far from the domicile of the defending title-holders, a decision which seems rather unfair. Why not stage the game on the home grounds of the Marksmen? The advantage would be practically the same. But all is said and done and it's up to Bethlehem to repeat one of its classy performance to qualify for the National final which concludes the season's race for soccer laurels.

Boosting a Bethlehem Product
if Bethlehem could affort to let Gerrit Visser, Holland internationalist, go, what a sweet club the Steelmen must have? That is the general opinion in Detroit soccer circles where Visser, playing center forasrd for the Holly Carburetor F. C., is hailed as the man of the hour and the player who put the Holly outfit on the soccer map. The first year in the National tourney, Holly outclassed such clubs as the Ben Miller's of St. Louis; Sparta of Chicago, and numerous others to advance to the peg ofthe National finalist representing the West. This is the team that will meat the winner of the Bethlehem-Fall River setto at Providence tomorrow. Visser is a Bethlehem product, having played for one season with the Bethlehem team, and it is t he Bethlehem product that the detroit fans are lauding to the skies. And why shouldn't they? In the series of games, the Holly team amassed a total of 31 goals, for 21 of which Visser has been directly responsible.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club