The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Wednesday, April 24, 1912
Bethlehem, 1; Centennial, 0.

Bethlehem team, on Saturday, defeated the Centennial Club of Philadelphia in Hibernia Park, that city.

Willie Beech's handling of the ball [ . . . ] of the penalty area, after play had been in progress twenty--five minutes in the second half, allowed Galbraith to tally from the kick, giving to Bethlehem the first victory of the season over Centennial and incidentally eliminating the St. George League Champions from meeting Car[ . . .] in the final round of the Allied Cup competition, next Saturday on the Hibernian ground, at Second street and Allegheny avenue. The final count being Bethlehem, 1; Centennial 0.

Judging by the position that Beech was placed it was a pure accident, but as accidents count, Referee Addison had no other alternative than to award the upstaters a penalty. Galbraith beating Beech with a low shot that easily went out of reach of the clever custodian. Bill Beech was evidently in the act of falling as Bethlehem had just before taken a corner kick and Beech was off his balance and in trying to save himself had the misfortune to hit the ball which was well inside of the [ . . . ] area.

Although the Bethlehems only won by one solitary goal, they practically outplayed Centennial at every stage and if it had not been for the stalwart defense displayed by George Beech, especially in the first period, when he stopped shots which bordered on the sensation, Centennial would have been out of the running long before the closing minutes. In justice to the St. George champs, it must be stated that they were up against one of the heaviest teams in the business and the Englishmen deserve a great deal of credit for the manner in which they kept right at their opponents.

Centennial stated after the game that they had been beaten by a team that showed the best on the run of the play. Ernest Jones, who is one of their most prominent officials and secretary of the St. George's League, lauded Bethlehem for the clean game they had played, admitting that they were superior to Centennial and well deserved the victory.

One of the best players on the Bethlehem team was Galbraith, the former Tacony-Thistle outside right, who was always in the tick of the fray, his runs on the left-wing being spectacular at times. The Bethlehem forwards were very slow in front of goal, though the defense of Centennial did not give them much chance in which to act as they spotted the opposing attack to a nicety. It was one of the cleanest games witnessed for sometime, both teams displaying fine combination on several occasions. The line-ups:

Bethlehem -- Positions -- Centennial
Carpenter -- G -- G. Beech
Bone -- R. F. B. -- Griffiths
Garvey -- L. F. B. -- Wyant
Pratt -- R . H. B. -- W. Beech
Stewart -- C. H. B. -- Lees
Larlow -- L. H. B. -- Bevan
Galbraith -- O. R. -- H. Rek
Lewis -- I. R. -- R. Rew
Patterson -- C. F. -- F. Whitely
Leonard -- I. L. -- Meadows
Lawson -- O. L. -- A. Whitely
Final score -- Bethlehem, 1; Centennial, 0. Half time score -- Bethlehem, 0; Centennial, 0. Goal -- by Galbraith from penalty. Referee -- A. M. Addison. Linesmen -- Ed. Waldron and J. Williams. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

The Bethlehem team, on Saturday the 27th inst., will meet the Cardington team for the final contest. The team and the rooters will leave South Bethlehem over the Reading Railway at 12:45 p.m., game to be played in Hibernia Park, Second street and Allegheny Avenue, Philadelphia. Kickoff, 3:30 p.m.

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