The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, April 24, 1916
Steel Makers Qualify To Meet Fall River Rover For National Title May 6 – Game Stubbornly and Aggressively Contested – East End Wins Wilbur Cup

Bethlehem Steel Company, National soccer champion, defeated Pullman, Chicago, 2 goals to 1, on Saturday on Taylor field, in a semifinal cup game. The playing of the steel makers gives promise of a repetition of last year’s triumph.

It was a replay game, of last Sunday’s contest in Chicago, which resulted in a scoreless tie. Just how hard the Bethlehem team pressed the Chicago boys is best told in the fact that Bethlehem had eleven corner kicks during the contest to two for Chicago, and had no less than twenty-five unsuccessful ties for goal, to eleven for Pullman. Bethlehem will play Fall River Rover, probably in Philadelphia, on May 6, for the title.

The game was stubbornly and most aggressively contested. Both sides fouled considerably, but this was due largely, not to the intention of playing rough, but to the great tension the twenty-two players were working under.

There were many brilliant periods during the game and those fond of the spectacular had their fill, but for a thrilling finish to a hard fought contest few soccer games have had the edge on that of Saturday. With the last five minutes of play, Bethlehem forced Pullman into four successive corner kicks. Three of these went to naught, but on the fourth and just one minute before the final whistle, the winning goal was scored.

Graham was placed in charge of the corner kick and his aim was true. The ball landed in front of the net, a scrimmage immediately following. Captain Morrison, who was playing back, saw an opening and coming fast, sent the sphere whirling into a far corner of the net.

Bethlheem First to Score

Bethlehem Steel was the first to score, but it was some little time before the locals were able to break up the Pullman’s attack and get going. Clarke made the goal, getting the ball on a long-drive from the center.

A few minutes later he had another good chance to score, in fact did so, but a steel worker was offside and the goal did not count. With the score in Bethlehem’s favor, at 1 goal to 0, the second half was even more bitterly contest than the first period. During one of the tense periods in the penalty area the ball touched the forearm of Pepper of Bethlehem.

Pullman Ties Count.

Referee Stack detected the infraction of the rules and called the penalty.

Shallcross was given the responsibility for the kick and he made good. Duncan having no chance to save. Following this, Pullman braced and outplayed Bethlehem for a while, but the champions came back strong and time and time again attacked, only the brilliant goal tending of Holmes preventing several goals.

Bethlehem was not to be denied, however, and Captain Morrison capped the climax of a wonderful game with the winning goal just before half-time ended.

Bethlehem – Position -- Pullman
Duncan – goal -- Holmes
Fletcher – right full-back -- Blockley
Ferguson – left full-back -- Page
Murray – right half-back – J. H. Cartwright
Campbell – center half-back -- Govier
Morrison – left half-back – B. Govier
MacDonald – outside right -- Pollit
Pepper – inside right -- Mackle
Clarke – center forward -- Shallcross
Graham – inside left – J. J. Cartwright
Flemington – outside left -- McNaughton
Goals: Clarke, Morrison, Shallcross (penalty). Referee, J. B. Stark, Detroit. Linesmen, James Walders, Philadelphia and J. H. Carpenter, Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club