The Globe -- Bethlehem
April 25, 1924
New York F. C. Will Oppose Steel Team in Soccer League Game Saturday.

The stage is set for the big soccer clash to take place on the Bethlehem Steel Field tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock when the Bethlehem Steel F. C. opposes the New York F. C. in a game, the outcome of which will determine whether the Steel Workers shall continue to ride in second place in the club standing as the contenders against Fall River for the league honors or whether the New Yorkers shall step into the position.

The small advantage of one point separates these two teams for second place. A victory for Bethlehem would increase the lead of the Steel Workers to three points while a victory for New York would give the Gotham dribblers an advantage of one point. A draw will leave the standing of the two clubs just as it is.

With the season rapidly drawing to a close and the tilt tomorrow one of the last to be staged in Bethlehem, soccer fans are showing an unusual interest and will no doubt turn out en masse. An attractive feature of the game is the closeness of the race which promises one of the hardest battles witnessed on the Steel Field this season.

Bethlehem will field the same club against the New Yorkers as that which opposed and eliminated the visiting clan in the semi final of the American Cup competition at New York last Sunday. "Bob" Terris, one of the Bethlehem halfbacks is indisposed with illness and it is understood is threatened with pneumonia. Robertson will play the position.

One of the most interesting sidelights of the game will be a comparison of the two forward lines, rated as the strongest in the country. Bethlehem will pit its best against the flashy and dangerous New Yorkers in Turner, the Jacksons, Maxwell and Goldie. For New York the local quintet will have to contend with that excellent coterie, comprising Archie Stark, the leading goal scorer, Duggan, McGuire, McGhee and Dan McNiven.

McNiven returned to the New York F. C. late in the season after having enjoyed a brief sojourn to his native country. He is a center forward but last Sunday played a wing position with A. Stark getting the preference at the center position. In the game tomorrow, McNiven, a former Bethlehem player, will be back in the position in which he is best fitted. Interesting to note is the fact that Stark, one of the visitors forwards is leading the league in individual scoring this year while last year it was McNiven, then with Bethlehem, who enjoyed the honor with a total of 29 goals. The teams will lineup tomorrow as follows:

Bethlehem -- New York
Highfield -- G -- Geudert
Young -- R.F.B. -- Mierdicks
D. Ferguson -- L.F.B. -- Ferrier
McGregor -- R.H.B. -- T. Stark
Carnihan -- C.H.B. -- Terris
Robertson -- L.H.B. -- Herd
Turner -- O.R. -- Duggan
A. Jackson -- I.R. -- A. Stark
W. Jackson -- C.F. -- McNiven
Maxwell -- I.L. -- McGuire
Goldie -- O.L. -- McGhee
Referee -- Ed. McCabe.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club