The Globe-Time -- Bethlehem
April 25, 1927
Soccer Team Eliminated For National Honors by Speedy Fall River, 2 to 1

In a game of wasted chances and ill designed strategy in playing a man out of position, Bethlehem Steel F. C. was eliminated from further cup campaigning at Providence, R. I., on Sunday afternoon when defeated by Fall River by the score of 2 goals to 1 in the Eastern final of the National Challenge Cup competition. Fall River, by virtue of its victory, will oppose Holley Carburetor F. C., in the National final at Detroit, Mich., next Sunday afternoon.

Game Not Spectacular

The contest proved to be nothing less than a clash of two mediocre teams on the form displayed and lacked the aggressive tactics characteristics of cup competitions. The Bethlehem management made a huge mistake in playing Reid, a halfback, at an inside forward position. In the contest against Hakoah last week, Reid's brilliant play as a halfback was one of the features, but on the forward line against Fall River he seemed hopelessly lost. This condition became acute when Stark, the right inside forward, slowed in the second half by aggravating a leg injury and the inside position collapsed and with it all of Bethlehem's scoring chances.

But before this condition arose Bethlehem missed several excellent opportunities to tie up the score and even lead, but fell down miserably in the attempt. One of the best chances was a beautiful pass from Gillespie to Stark in center with no one to beat but the goalie but the usually accurate shooting Stark drove the ball by. Jaap also missed several good opportunities by kicking the ball past.

The last five minutes of the first half proved the deciding factor as to who should represent the East in the National final next Sunday. In those last five minutes Fall River twice penetrated the net and on each occasion with shots that ordinarily would have been handled. These two goals cam after Bethlehem had the lead by a one goal margin.

In less than five minutes of the first half, Bethlehem scored the opening goal. McGill, in attempting to clear on a shot from Goldie, fell and Blair rushing out to meet the kick. Gillespie had followed Goldie's drive in and beat Blair with the Fall River goal mouth wide open.

Bethlehem Loses Toss.

The defending champions lost the toss and were playing with the wind and sun to their advantage. In spite of this condition Bethlehem had most of the play and found the elements no barrier to their early scoring. However, after one goal was notched the Fall River defense tightened while the work of the Bethlehem machine seemed to lack greatly in consistency.

Five minutes more of the first half remained to be played with Fall River held scoreless when suddenly a foul called against Carnihan paved the way for the equalizer. From the half way line Gibson, aided by the wind lobbed the ball to the very goal mouth. Edwards moved as though to come out and first it and then suddenly attempted to retreat, a move which proved costly for he slipped and fell and then made a weak attempt to brush the ball by to concede a corner. Campbell dashed in and with no effort whatever shot into the net.

Hardly more than half a minute remained to be played when Fall River scored the goal that proved to be the deciding one. The ball was driven across the goal mouth from the right wing with Edwards watching its flight and apparently making no attempt to handle. Much to his sorrow, no doubt, for McEachern, outside left, was in direct line of the ball and easily headed the ball into the net.

The restart found Bethlehem making a desperate attempt to overcome the lead. For thirty minutes Bethlehem virtually bombarded the Fall River goal while the latter hardly once advanced beyond midfield. Fall River massed its efforts almost exclusively to defensive tactics and took advantage of every opportunity to kick the ball out. Much time was wasted in this respect.

Finally after thirty minutes or more of aggressiveness Bethlehem seemed suddenly to collapse and Fall River was pressing when the game ended. One of Bethlehem's greatest blunders was in playing Reid, a halfback at inside right, with several other forwards available. Reid plays a nice game on the halfback line, but on the forward line he was lost.

Fall River -- Bethlehem
Blair -- G -- Edwards
McGill -- RFB -- Barrie
Gibson -- LFB -- Eadie
McPherson -- RHB -- McDonald
Wilson -- CHB -- Carnihan
Caldwell -- LHB -- MacGregor
Campbell -- OR -- Jaap
White -- IR -- Stark
Brittain -- CF -- Gillespie
Kelly -- IL -- Reid
McEachern -- OL -- Goldie
Score: Fall River, 2; Bethlehem, 1. Goals; Campbell, McEachern, Gillespie. Referees: Creighton, New York. Linesmen: Quinn, Pawtucket, and Norse, New Bedford. Time, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club