Bethlehem Globe
Monday, April 27, 1914
Defeated Smith F. C. Making Twelve Straight Victories - Battle For American Championship

Bethlehems on Saturday won the first division Allied Amateur League championship making twelve straight victories, by defeating Smith F. C., Philadelphia, 6-0. The game was delayed one hour by the late arrival of the Philadelphians, who missed their train. Upon arrival they were rushed to the field in automobiles. Bethlehem won the toss and started off with a rush. The ground was slippery, which made control of the ball difficult. Fleming opened the scoring after seven minutes of play. Murray scored the second goal and Harrison another during the first period.

Rain was now beginning to fall and at halftime the teams crossed over without stopping. Smith defense was playing hard, but its forwards lacked finish and lost many chances. Wilkinson played a good game in goal and saved many hard shots. Fleming scored two more goals in the second half and Burke put the ball through his own goal in trying to stop a rush by the Bethlehem forwards. Saturday's game winds up the local season. Special training will be started tomorrow and every effort will be made to get the team that will battle for the American championship, next Sunday in the best condition, it is possible several changes will be made.

Line-up of Saturday's game:
Smith - Pos. - Bethlehems
Wilkinson - G - Scaife
Morgan - R. F. B. - Tillie
Otto - L. F. B. - Stewart
Taylor - R. H. B. - Black
Sampson - C. H. B. - Morrison
Burke - L. H. B. - Lawler
McNabb - O. R. - Harrison
Ballantine - I. R. - Lewis
McGraw - C. F. - Murray
Brecht I. L. Donaghy
McGee - O.L. - Fleming

Goals - Fleming, 3; Harrison, Murray, Burke, for Bethlehems. Referee, James Kerr, Philadelphia, Linesman, Lambert, Bethlehems. McKissick, Philadelphia. Time of halves - 40 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club