The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, April 27, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer League Race Practically Decided
Although several more games remain to be played before the curtain drops on the American Soccer League, the pennant in one of the most spirited seasons ever experienced was practically won by Fall River in the game over the weekend. The last year winners of the league honors increased their lead in the league race by annexing the two points in the victory over Providence, winning the game on a penalty kick. Bethlehem Steel, the contender, on the other hand, shared the two points with the New York Giants, being held to a draw in the game played in the band box oval of the Gotham dribblers yesterday afternoon. The Giants are responsible for putting Bethlehem in the race and also putting them out of it. Several weeks ago the Giants held Fall River to a draw, this result following a hard game played in Bethlehem the day previous and the New England cohorts yell intimated that the New Yorkers laid down to Bethlehem the day previous. They no doubt have changed their tune after scanning the score of Sunday's game. However, it was not the draw result of yesterday that played havoc with the aspirations of the Steel Workers but rather two defeats sustained by the toe of the Giants in games earlier in the season. In the four game series the Giants won two, drew one and lost one. Not a bad showing for the tail-end club against a top notcher. All of which means that the competition in the American Soccer League is such that no matter how lowly a team no chances can be taken.

Chance for National Prestige Next Saturday
A treat unusual and most fitting climax to a hard and grueling soccer campaign will be witnessed on the Steel Field next Saturday afternoon. Coming to Bethlehem to oppose the Steel Workers will be the Boston F. C., conquerors of Fall River in the cup tie competition for the Eastern Professional Championship and more winners of the National Professional Soccer title. Playing the third game of the deciding series against the Ben Millers, of St. Louis, in St. Louis, yesterday afternoon, the Hubmen won the undisputed championship when they set down the Ben Millers by the score of 3 to 2. The Hubmen come to Bethlehem fresh from that victory and apparently determined to conclude their season without another defeat. In the league series with the Steel Workers thus far Bethlehem has the Hubmen topped with two victories and one draw, having defeated and drew with Boston at Boston and also conquered the Hubmen on their one visit to this city.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club