The Globe – South Bethlehem
Wednesday, April 28, 1915
Charles Lambie, Boston, Selected to Referee Bethlehems-Brooklyn Celtic Championship Contest.

The appointment of Charles Lambie, Boston, to referee the final National Cup game for the championship of the United States between Bethlehems and Brooklyn Celtic on Taylor field, Saturday, marks the first time in the history of soccer football that a referee from the New England states has been appointed to handle so important a game. In previous years the honor has gone to a New York or a Philadelphia referee. The other two officials who will assist are Charles Creighton, New York, and James Walders, Philadelphia, both being well known to local soccer fans.

Both teams are in strict training and working hard to get in the best conditions possible for Saturday’s contest. It might interest many to know that Bethlehems and Brooklyn Celtic are sole survivors of eighty-two clubs which entered the National cup competition last September from all over the country. Following is a list of clubs, and their districts, which have been eliminated from the competition.

Germania F. C., Hoboken, N. J.
Bayridge F. C., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Haledon Thistles, Haledon, N. J.
Irish Americans F. C., Harrison, N. J.
Philadelphia Rangers, F. C., Philadelphia
Wanderers F. C., Philadelphia
Swissvale, F. C., Swissvale
Reading F. C., Reading
Donora S. W. F. C., Donora
Plainfield F. C., Plainfield, Conn.
New Haven, F. C., New Haven, Conn.
New Britain, F. C., New Britain, Conn.
Andover U. F. C., Andover, Mass.
Boston Americans F. C., Boston, Mass.
Worcester, F. C., Worcester, Mass.
Thornton St. Romans F.C., Thornton, R. I.
Cleveland F. C., Cleveland, O.
Calumet F. C., Chicago, Ill.
Hollywood Inn F. C., Yonkers, N. Y.
Greenville F. C., Jersey City, N. J.
Clan MacDuff F. C., New York, City
Jersey A. C., Jersey City, N. J.
Yonkers F. C., Yonkers, N. Y.
Hawthorne United F. C., Paterson, N. J.
Cameron F. C., New York City
True Blues F. C., Paterson, N. J.
New York Celtic F. C., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Ranger F. C., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Columbia Oval F. C., New York City
Clan MacDonald F. C., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Rochester City F. C., Rochester, N. Y.
Viscose F. C., Marcus Hook, Pa.
Kensington Congregational F. C., Philadelphia
Putnam F. C., Philadelphia
Henry Disston and Sons F. C., Tacony, Pa.
Irish Americans, Wilmington, Del.
Castle Shannon, F. C., Castle Shannon, Pa.
Burns F. C., Juniata, Pa.
Sturgeon F. C., Sturgeon, Pa.
Presbyterian F. C., Bridgeport, Conn.
Bridgeport City F. C., Bridgeport, Conn.
Farr Alpaca F. C., Holyoke, Mass.
Lawrence F. C., Lawrence, Mass.
Taunton City, Taunton, Mass.
New Bedford F. C., New Bedford, Mass.
Y. M. C. A. T. A. S., New Bedford, Mass.
Pawtucket F. C., Pawtucket, R. I.
Greystone F. C., Greystone, R. I.
Akron F. C., Akron, O.
Hyde Park Blues F. C., Chicago, Ill.
Campbell Rover F. C., Chicago, Ill.
Roses F. C., Detroit, Mich.
Falls Cricket and Football club, Philadelphia
Hawthorne United F. C., Paterson, N. J.
Our Boys F. C., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Brooklyn Field Club, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Jersey A. C., Jersey City, N. J.
Babcock and Wilcox F. C., Bayonne, N. J.
West Philadelphia F. C., Philadelphia
Peabody F. C., Philadelphia
Academy F. C., Ansonia, Conn.
Thistles F. C., Cleveland, O.
Ranger F. C., Niagra Falls, N. Y.
Fall River Rover, F. C., Fall River, Mass.
General Electric F. C., Lynn, Mass.
Bricklayers and Masons F. C., Chicago, Ill.
MacDuff, Chicago, Ill.
West Hudson F. C., Harrison, N. J.
Bronx United F. C., New York City
Ranger F. C.., Paterson, N. J.
Victor F. C., Philadelphia
Ansonia F. C., Ansonia, Conn.
Packard F. C., Detroit, Mich.
J. & P. Coates, Pawtucket, R. I.
Homestead F. C., Pittsburgh
Niagra Falls, Niagra, Canada
Scottish American, Newark, N. J.

To the winner of the Bethlehems-Brooklyn Celtic game on Saturday goes the championship of the United States which carries with it the handsome DeWar trophy and gold medals.

Frank Mather the Brooklyn Celtic goal keeper is considered New York’s best goal-keeper and represented the National League of New Jersey against the pick of New York prior to casting his lot with Brooklyn Celtic. Mather before he came to this country played on the Derby county tam in 1910, that won the Derbyshire cup and gold medal.

Andrew Robertson the right fullback of Brooklyn Celtic is a finished player and has much experience in football. Andy excels in tackling and is the best loyal player that ever wore the color of the “Greens.”

Harry McWilliams the left fullback of Brooklyn Celtic holds a record for representative games. He has been picked for All New Jersey against the New York State League. McWilliams gave a most brilliant exhibition of football against the Bethlehem club at Brooklyn on Sunday, March 14, on which day Brooklyn Celtic defeated Bethlehems 2 goals to 1.

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