The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 28, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

League Hopes Blasted By Gotham Victory
With the American Soccer League pennant practically beyond the reach of the Bethlehem Steel team, placed there by the victory of the New York F. C., in the game played on Steel Field on Saturday afternoon, there is but one consolation for the Steel Workers and that is to concentrate their efforts to capture the final in the American Cup competition which will possibly be played next week with Fall River as the opponent. While New York's victory was more or less a surprise it was not entirely unexpected for the Gotham dribblers can rightfully boast of possibly the most dangerous forward line in American soccer. This much was gleaned in the numerous games witnessed in which Bethlehem opposed the New Yorkers. Full of fight and never-say-die spirit New York's coterie of forwards can always be counted upon to fight until the very last minute. The victory must certainly have been sweet for New York for ti was the Steel Workers who eliminated them in both the cup competitions.

At Their Best in Bethlehem
It would seem that the New York team is at its best on the Bethlehem Steel Field for its most brilliant achievements in important clashes were registered here. In the fourth round of the National Cup New York played Bethlehem to a draw on Christmas Day and the Sunday following when playing at home were eliminated in the replay. Sunday a week ago the Bethlehems again defeated the New Yorkers on the latter field and eliminated them in the American Cup only to have New York come here this last weekend shatter the slight hope that Bethlehem had in overtaking Fall River for the league honors. By the victory New York advanced to second place in the league standing with Bethlehem dropping into third place.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club