The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, April 28, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Crucial Series Over Weekend
The coming weekend games will tell the tale in deciding the American Soccer League bunting. Fall River comes down from New England for a dual bill in the lair of the rival opponents and while the wagers would be laid on the Brittan gang as the favorite, stranger things than a Fall River defeat have occurred in the league campaigning this season. Against Providence the game was won last Sunday on a penalty kick and if recalled correctly it was penalty kicks in two previous games with Sam Fletcher's crowd that gave Fall River the points. Saturday Fall River will be the guests of Fleisher Yarn in Philadelphia and if this snappy little team can produce the play and fight witnessed against Boston in one of the cup rounds the Quakers might turn the trick. Fleisher Yarn is a sort of an in and outer and when in is a hard club to beat. Bethlehem fans are hoping that Fleisher will be at its best when yarn makers tackle the league leaders. On Sunday the scene will shift to the band box oval of the New York clubs where Indiana Flooring will square off against the league leaders. Indiana, too, has figured in some glaring upsets this season and lets up they pull across another on Sunday. The so called breaks, however, appear to be with Fall River in this latter game for the floor makers lost one of their most brilliant players when Terris, center halfback, was shooed off the field for some infraction of sportsmanship ethics. According to the rules, Terris will be on the blacklist for two weeks unless reinstated prior. If not by the time he becomes eligible the Fall River-Indiana game will be history. If Bethlehem Steel is to have another slap at the American League flag the possibility rests entirely with Fleisher Yarn and Indiana Flooring.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club