The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, April 29, 1925
Two of Most Scientific Teams in Country Will Meet Here Then.

Two of the most scientific soccer teams in the country will meet in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon when the Bethlehem Steel F. C. makes its final at home appearance for the year against the strong Boston F. C.

Both teams present a gala array of stars, players who have made their mark in first division football and with weather conditions ideal, assuring a dry and fast field, the treat in store for local fans will no doubt be the soccer classic of the season.

Although the Steel Workers were eliminated in the cup competition and are runners-up to Fall River for the league honors, the prestige to be garnered with a victory over Boston here, on Saturday, will in the eyes of soccer critics, rank the Steel Workers as among those at the top.

The Hubmen invade Bethlehem with the title of national professional champions, a title that was not promiscuously handed out, but earned on merit and by eliminating the strongest clubs in the country. To attain that distinction the Hubmen had to and did eliminate Fall River in the American Soccer League competition, and then gave evidence that their victory was no fluke by taking two out of three games from the strong Ben Millers, the latter pennant winners in the St. Louis Soccer League. Outstanding in the victory of the Hubmen is that to win the title, two of the three games played were staged on the home grounds of the Ben Millers.

While Saturday's game is no cup or even championship game, although it will have a material bearing in the league insofar as the Steel Workers are concerned, the game will be played with all the intensity characteristic of cup tie play. On three previous occasions these teams have met and Boston has yet to annex its first victory. In the first meeting at Boston the result was a draw. Later, in Bethlehem, the Steel Workers annexed the victory, and then for the third game, went into the lair of the Hubmen to make it the second victory.

Boston is stinging under these defeats and apparently will be additionally humiliated if unable to check the Bethlehem clan after having earned the distinction of national champions. The Steel Workers are the only clan of soccer players in the American League that were not defeated by the Hubmen.

The Bethlehem management is indeed fortunate in having Boston come to Bethlehem to conclude the season. The Wonder Team is the sobriquet with which Boston was christened early in the season, and has performed as such in all of its games with the exception of those involving the Blue and White of Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club