The Globe-Times - Bethlehem
April 29, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Bob Millar to Captain Combined Team
The combined Indiana Flooring-New York Giants soccer aggregation to oppose the Jewish Hakoah eleven at the Polo Grounds on Saturday afternoon will be captained by the veteran Bob Millar, and that is something. Millar, who has seen service with more big league clubs in the East than any other player and is a veteran of the game, is a good leader. He is popular among players and a hard and conscientious worker in the game. Bob for a time did a trick with the Bethlehem Steel clan, but since then has been affiliated with close to half a dozen other clubs. Davey Brown, star goal shooter of the New York Giants; Herbert Carlson, Swedish Internationalist, and Millar comprise a formidable trio on the team to oppose the Jewish tourists.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club