The Globe-Times - Bethlehem
April 30, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

"Whitey" Fleming Still in Harness
It's quite a few years since "Whitey" Fleming cavorted at outside left for the Bethlehem Steel F. C. and local fans were then unanimous in the opinion that the white topped wingman was the most dangerous shot in the circuit. This same "Whitey" who when leaving Bethlehem was destined for the discard in a summons from Father Time, fooled them all and today is probably as active and effective at the same position as nay time in his long career. "Whitey" is one of the few old Bethlehem Steel guards who is still going big and in such an impressive manner that he has been able to retain a berth under the Big Top. Always popular in Bethlehem, Fleming may pay one of his periodic visits here on Saturday afternoon, a regular on the crack Boston F. C. team.

Swerve Ball His Specialty
No other player in the league possesses a left foot as much respected as Fleming. He is a bag of speed and knows soccer from A to Z, but most important in his repertoire is the slashing swerve to his ball in driving for goal. With Fleming anywhere near the net, goalies as a rule shiver, for when he cuts loose with his drive it travels with the speed of a bullet and with just enough swerve to elude the custodian. Fans marvel at his ability to locate the net, often from near the touchline and at an impossible angle. But "Whitey" can do it. With the Boston team he is playing a good consistent game. His display with the more recent major league acquisitions - celebrities who have forged to the front as satellites in the more recent years of competition - indicate that he has several more seasons of big time soccer.

Best Eleven in the U. S.
Soccer fans, especially locally, will take exception to a flaring caption prefacing an article in a morning metropolitan daily referring to the combined Indiana Flooring-New York Giants eleven to face the All-Jewish tourists as "The best eleven in the United States." Even with the selection of the cream of the talent from the two American Soccer League Clubs, it would seem that the clubs that have earned league and national honors thus far this season, together with several others, would be given preference in a rating of the best teams in the United States. Of these clubs, Bethlehem Steel F. C. national champions, would undoubtedly have to be placed at the top of the ranking, with Fall River certain to win the league title, in second place and clubs such as Boston, Providence and New Bedford would mostly be given preference even over the combined outfit if a ranking was made. However, the combined eleven will be a representative outfit for the Hakoah soccer team to face at the Polo Grounds on Saturday afternoon.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club