The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
April 30, 1928
Star Center Forward Boots All of the Goals Against N. Y. Giants

Three goals notched by Archie Stark, clever center forward gave Bethlehem Steel two points in the American Soccer League race after a hard game played on a muddy field in Philadelphia on Saturday, and in which the New York Giants, challenging Bethlehem for third place in the league standing, was vanquished by the score of 3 to 1.

Taking the lead in the first two minutes of play the Steelmen outplaying their rivals on a muddy field were master of the situation at all times. The Giants fought back hard but against the clever and aggressive maneuvering of the Bethlehem clan were easily subdued. The three goals hardly describe the superiority of Bethlehem over their opponents. Almost continually attacking, many more good opportunities to score were lost due to the heavy going and muddy conditions of the field.

Stark did all the scoring for Bethlehem. Each of the goals resulted from brilliant sprints by the alert center forward. The first goal was scored seven minutes after the kickoff. Stark stared with the ball at his toe close to midfield, and by neat sidestepping dashed close to the goal and by a hard drive sent the sphere into the net. His final point was registered on a play somewhat similar to his first effort, but on this occasion Fabian, the Giants' custodian, seemed to think that the shot was too high to penetrate the goal. The ball dodged under the upright as the goalkeeper failed to try to intercept it.

Following the first goal the Giants worked strenuously to equalize the score but Bethlehem's defense proved equal to the test. Occasionally Edwards relieved the pressure by rushing out of goal and catching shots.

Twenty-two minutes of fast exchanges, in which the players slipped and dropped to the ground in the mud as they tried to evade the respective rivals, produced the equalizing goal. A pass to Moorehead was in turn sent to O'Brien, and as a result of this net combination play the outside left, from 10 years out, sent in a low drive at goal. Edwards managed to get his hands on the slippery ball and toss it to the opposite side of the field. There Hogg gained possession of the sphere and tipped it over the field to Gruenwald. The latter tried to advance, but found his pathway blocked by the Bethlehem backs, and directed the ball over toward goal, where Moorehead met it with his head and turned it into a goal.

The rivals returned to the attack, but it was not until five minutes before the interval the wining point was scored. Gillespie and Granger were factors in Bethlehem's second goal, and it was due to a well directed pass by Gillespie that Stark was able to make good.

N. Y. Giants -- Bethlehem
Fabian -- G -- Edwards
Schillinger -- RFB -- McMeekin
Tandler -- LFB -- Allan
Gold -- RHB -- W. Reid
Guttman -- CHB -- Carnihan
Herd -- LHB -- McGregor
Hogg -- OR -- Gillespie
Molhar -- IR - -Jaap
Greunwald -- CF -- Stark
O'Brien -- IL -- Granger
Moorehouse -- OL -- Goldie
Score: Bethlehem 3, Giants 1. Goals: Stark 3, Moorehouse. Substitutions: W. Jackson for Jaap. Referee: Hume. Linesmen: Dave Scott and Murphy. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club