The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, May 1, 1925
Both Boston and Steel Toe Mark Tomorrow In a Critical Match

A real smart soccer game is the forecast of the clash on tap for tomorrow afternoon when the Bethlehem Steel F. C. opposes the Boston F. C., recently crowned National champions. The kick-off will be promptly at 3 o'clock and then the fans will most likely see ninety minutes of the most grueling play witnessed on the greensward of the Steel Field this season.

"We are ready" is the report from both camps and with players conditioned to the peak of perfection, all that remains to contribute to the fracas is clear weather with a fast and dry field. The laurels at state for Bethlehem is the chance of overtaking Fall River in the American League race. Boston's fate in the league campaign is practically decided. However, the Hubmen tagged as National champions and not defeated since in the championship running, can be expected to fight hard in hopes of concluding the season without another defeat. And Bethlehem seems to be the one and only club to deprive their visitors of that distinction.

The importance of victory in this clash is of vital significance to the Steel Workers and their followers. The club table today shows both Bethlehem and Fall River deadlocked for the league lead, but Fall River has the advantage of having played one game less than Bethlehem. The weekend schedule will equalize the number of games played by both clubs and also possibly determine the final standing of the teams in the race.

The Fall River contingent came down from their lair in New England on the last invasion to this district and before they return will have played two games. On Saturday afternoon the deposed New England champions, but virtually league-leading club, tackles Fleisher Yarn in Philadelphia, meeting a snappy and hard-fighting opponent, which will be gunning for the scalp of the New Englanders. The following day it will be Indiana Flooring in New York, and the floor makers accustomed to he confines of their band box oval, can be expected to accomplish most anything. To put Bethlehem in the running Fall River must drop two points on this trip while Bethlehem has a task equally as great in annexing the two points possible by a victory over Boston. A. Nuttall has been selected to referee this important clash with Fred Smart and Watson the neutral linesmen. The close of the ninety minutes of play tomorrow afternoon will ring down the curtain on local soccer activities for the season 1924-25.

The weekend schedule follows:

At Philadelphia -- Fleisher Yarn vs. Fall River; referee, D. Oates; neutral linesmen, John Walder and Jos. Murphy.
At Bethlehem -- Bethlehem Steel vs. Boston; referee, A. Nuttall; neutral linesmen, F. Smart and A. Watson.
At New Bedford -- New Bedford vs. Newark; referee, G. Lambie; neutral linesmen, P. Moran and Walter Taylor.

At New York -- Indiana Flooring vs. Fall River; referee, E. McCabe; neutral linesmen, Sid Day and A. Lawrie.
At Brooklyn -- Brooklyn vs. Boston; referee, G. Young; neutral linesmen, D. Harris and J. Connachin.
At Providence -- Providence vs. Newark; referee, Wm. Norsef; neutral linesmen, F. Odell and R. Rose.

The following is a list of the twelve leading goal scorers:

A. Stark, Bethlehem -- 62
H. Brittan, Fall River -- 34
A. Stevens, Boston -- 27
J. Best, Providence -- 24
J. Nelson, Brooklyn -- 24
J. Purvis, Fleisher Yarn -- 21
H. Carlson, Indiana -- 21
A. Stradan, Fleisher Yarn -- 20
R. Drummond, Coats -- 20
D. Brown, N. Y. Giants -- 19
T. Abdullah, Providence -- 15
W. Hibbert, Coats -- 15

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club