The Globe South Bethlehem
Monday, May 3, 1915 -- editorial

The Bethlehems again enjoy first place in the sporting mention du to the excellence of their soccer team, which Saturday clinched the national championship. The Bethlehems team scored a feat which permits it to retain a distinction that was very much coveted the nation over. The Bethlehems possesses persons who have little leaning toward soccer, who should immediately become converts to this great sport because of home patriotism. Other outdoor sports obtain hereabouts but no team has landed such coveted prize as has Bethlehems soccer eleven in 1914 and 1915, nor given the Bethlehems the degree of favorable publicity. The world of sports, which may be considered as exceeding that of many branches of endeavor pays a homage to the Bethlehems through their victorious soccer team and has placed the name of this home of industry, education and music indelibly in the minds of millions of people. Bethlehems retention of a proud title has evoked joy in every local resident of the Bethlehems and vicinity, which should tend toward a greater support of soccer than has been the case. Whatever public recognition shall be paid the team, and it is entirely worthy of this, shall not exceed the benefit of favorable advertisement, which has accrued to the Bethlehems because of these heroes of the gridiron. We congratulate the invincible team upon its wonderful prowess, its advocacy of clean and honest sport and advocate that heartiness of spirit and thoroughness of preparation for those others, who are endeavoring to make the Bethlehems in every respect the champion community as to housing, thoroughfares, healthfulness, financially, physically and morally.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club