The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, May 4, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Classic Most Fitting Climax
The soccer season in Bethlehem is concluded, insofar as American Soccer League games are concerned. The curtain was rung down with the scoreless draw in the meeting of Bethlehem Steel and Boston F. C., on the Steel lot on Saturday afternoon. Many good games were witnessed on the local field during this lengthy season but not any that would have proven more fitting as a climax to the home season that the one witnessed on Saturday afternoon. It was a game in which two high geared and scientific machines strove for victory and one which in spite of the intensity with which it was fought was devoid of any unsportsmanlike ethics or unnecessary roughness. The clash will long remain vivid in the memory of the soccer enthusiasts who did not pass up the opportunity to witness this treat.

Pennant Chances Practically Lost
Steel's pennant chances in the American Soccer league race are practically lost and the way it looks today the circuit will wind up its affairs with Fall River league leaders by the sparse margin of two points. Fall River completed its final away from home jaunt over the last weekend and returned to its lair with a two point advantage over the Steel Workers. Several games dropped by Bethlehem around mid-season to presumably the weaker clubs spilled the beans. However, the Steel Workers were the contenders for the honors from the opening gong and it was their determined hanging on in second place that inspired the great interest in the league race.

Lost to Weak Clubs But Vanquished Champions
The Steel Workers, probably more than any other club in the league, are convinced that the presumably weaker clubs in the circu9it can not be trifled with. This was brought home emphatically in the four game series with the New York Giants, a tail-end club from the start to the close of the race. Bethlehem won but one game, dropping two and getting an even break in another. On the other hand, the Steel Workers concluded the season with a distinction of no other club in the circuit. That distinction is a clean slate in competition against the Boston F. C. the latter National champions. Of the four games played in the league series Bethlehem captured two and halved the points in the other two.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club