The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 4, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

A Much Improved Team
The Hakoahs didn't look so hot in their first game in this country against the Bethlehem Steel F. C. according to the opinion conveyed by more than one soccer critic. In fact, some expressed themselves as being disappointed in the showing of the All-Jewish team. Several of these same persons who were not so favorably impressed with the tourists came back from New York last Sunday with a quite different tale. They referred to the Jewish tourists as a much improved club. It is more than likely that the showing of Hakoah in Bethlehem was no true display of their merit. The team engaged in a long journey to reach this country and then during the few days intervening before the opening game were involved in a dizzy swirl of social events. The club really had no time to become acclimated to conditions and get down to business. Against the Giants the players struck their stride. In two games they had enough taste of American soccer and developed an offensive and attack to combat this style of playing. Hakoah will conclude a successful American tour -- that is, successful from the point of games won and lost as well as financially, is the opinion of a host of soccer critics after lamping the tourists in action against the New York Giants.

A Tour to Austria, Perhaps
To receive an invitation to tour a foreign country is quite an honor and bespeaks the popularity and fame of an athletic group. But there are other circumstances involved and circumstances which to the tourists are of vital importance. The host must show something and if something is wroth-while the trip is worth-while. That is perhaps the reason why the management of the Bethlehem team is waiting for further details to the invitation of the Hakoahs of Vienna, to tour that country in the summer months. A substantial guarantee would undoubtedly clinch the proposition. Until then no action will be taken.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club