The Globe-Times --Bethlehem
May 5, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row
A Liberal and Appreciate Offer
The Hakoah soccer eleven of Vienna, which is touring the country, has offered its services to the American Soccer League for the purpose of swelling the American Red Cross Fund for the Mississippi River Valley flood victims, it is learned. In a letter to William Cunningham, president of the league, Abraham Tuvian, director of the Hakoah tour, offers the All-Jewish eleven for the exhibition contests, the entire proceeds of which would be donated to the Red Cross. Hakoah is a welfare organization in Austria, touring this country to raise funds to carry on their welfare work among the poor. Their sympathy for the victims of the Mississippi flood is reflected in the generous offer they make. Such a game, if the attendance in New York last Sunday is duplicated, would mean in the neighborhood of $50,000, quite a neat sum to be utilized for the flood victims. It is a generous offer and one that is certain to cement even greater feeling of good will than that evident in this country toward the touring Jews.

The Night Cap
The soccer season is a long one. However, with games played but once a week with a lapse of several weeks occasionally sometimes by severe winter conditions or jaunts away from home for scheduled games, the fan seldom gets fed up and the shut-down for the season is keenly regretted. But soccer must give way to the seasonable sports and the date set by the American Soccer League for the final curtain fall is May 15. The night cap in Bethlehem will be played on Saturday afternoon when as a fitting climax to a grueling campaign the Steelmen, league champions, will play the formidable Boston F. C., champion of the American Soccer League cup competition. This game will be the last opportunity of the season for fans to respond with their patronage.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club