The Globe-Times - Bethlehem
May 9, 1927
Each Hangs Up One Lone Score in Game on Lehigh Field Saturday.

Bethlehem and Boston battled to a 1-1 tie in the final home American League soccer game to be played here this season. Each of the goals was the result of some fine work and both came in the first fifteen minutes of play. Generally speaking, Bethlehem had the better of the play inasmuch as the Boston goalkeeper was forced to handle more times than Edwards, but whenever the New Englanders broke away, serious danger threatened, and the shots that the Bethlehem goalie was called upon to stop were much more difficult than those directed at the Boston net.

Bethlehem opened up in determined fashion, and after Jaap had headed over from Goldie's center, Carnihan shot by on a first timer. The Bethlehem inside men figured in some pretty combination, but Rollo's parting shot was high. Boston broke away and Nielson's header caused Edwards to stretch. Boston's first real scoring opportunity came when Blair set McNab away with a perfect pass. The outside right sent in a hard daisycutter, which barely scraped by the upright.

Bethlehem's forwards swept down the field, and Jaap, receiving a pass from Goldie, scored with a fast, dropping shot, far out of Davidson's reach. The advantage was short-lived, however, for two minutes afterward a momentary hesitation on the part of Bethlehem's defense gave Blair a chance to pounce on the leather and drive in a low shot which Edwards had no chance to intercept.

Edwards was kept busy for several minutes after this as Boston strove to forge into the lead.

As in the first half, Bethlehem opened up strong in the second stanza, and Forrest sent in two hard drives which were cleared, as were headers from Jaap and a low shot from Granger. For a period it seemed that Bethlehem must score, but the Boston defense held out.

The regular officials failed to arrive in time for the start of the game, and Harry Carpenter, Horace Williams and Bobby Morrison were pressed into service and acquitted themselves well.

Bethlehem - Boston
Edwards - G -- Davidson
Barrie - RFB -- McMillan
Ferguson - LFB -- McArthur
McDonald - RHB -- Battles
Carnihan - CHB -- Priestly
Reid - LHB - R. Ballantyne
Forrest - OR -- McNab
Granger - IR -- Nielson
Jaap - CF - Blair
Rollo - IL - J. Ballantyne
Goldie - OL -- Fleming
Goals - Bethlehem, Jaap; Boston, Blair. Referee: J. Harry Carpenter, Linesmen; H. Williams and R. Morrison. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club