The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
May 10, 1926
New Bedford and Indiana Flooring Spring Surprise in Games Away From Home.

Two defeats over the weekend, on a decidedly one-sided affair, was the experience of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. in the brace of American Soccer League games played at New Bedford, Mass., and Indiana Flooring, N. Y.

On Saturday at New Bedford the Whalers stung the champions to the tune of a 4 goals to one while on Sunday at New York Indiana Flooring grabbed the game after Bethlehem had established a good lead, by the score of 3 goals to 2.

Outplayed at New Bedford.

While weak goal keeping is attributed for two of New Bedford’s four goals in the Saturday game the Whalers nevertheless outplayed the champions and their victory was well merited. Dave Carson, who had been flashing some of his old time form in recent games, was a bit off color on Saturday and two of the four goals scored by New Bedford, is said might have been saved. On the other hand the two that got past him, one a penalty kick by Montgomery and called against Berryman, were shots that would have escaped most any goalie.

Actually Hits the Dust.

Dirt fields instead of the excellent greensward which is the lot of the Steelmen when playing at home, played havoc with the champions. Clouds of dust lifted by a strong gale sweeping down the fields was a decided disadvantage to the Bethlehems in both the New Bedford and Indiana games.

Five minutes after the opening blast of the whistle, the Steel Workers had a goal. The shot, coming from the toe of Archie Stark, was a typical Fleming drive, being propelled by the left foot with a swerve which when the goalie lunged with his left hand to save, went past on his right. The drive was from twenty yards out. However, that was the full extend of the scoring for Bethlehem against New Bedford. At the end of the half, New Bedford was leading 2 goals to 1 and at the end of the game 4 to 1. Nell Turner, former Bethlehem outside right and playing the same position with New Bedford, accounted for two of the goals; Montgomery, converting a penalty, one goal and Stevens the other one. The line-up:

Bethlehem Steel – New Bedford
Carson – G -- Murdock
Berryman – R.F.B. -- Cowan
Allan – L.F.B. -- Hunter
McDonald – R.H.B. -- Montgomery
Carnihan – C.H.B. -- McIntosh
MacGregor – L.H.B. -- Lorimer
Jaap – O.R. -- Turner
Granger – I.R. -- Maxwell
Stark – C.F. -- Stevens
Rollo – I.L. -- McLevy
Goldie – O.L. -- Best
Goals – Stark, Turner, Montgomery, 2; Best. Referee – O’Dell. Time of halves, 45 minute.

Bow to Floor Maker

Indiana Flooring, waging an uphill battled, nosed out by registering a 2 to 3 victory. The New York floormakers had as their big ace in the victory one McKenna, former Fall River front liner, who accounted for two of the three goals registered, and the veteran Bob Millar got the third.

For fifteen minutes the Steel Workers gave a display of championship form and then seemingly went dead with Indiana flashing a rally that carried them into the lead.

Indiana worked the ball into Bethlehem’s goal soon after the game started. McKenna and Millar both missed by inches. Goldie raced away on the left and, putting over a great center, Stark pounced upon the ball and scored the first goal after five minutes’ play. Bethlehem kept up a strong attack. Jaap brining Lundberg to his knees in saving his terrific shot, forcing a corner. In the kick MacGregor headed in the second goal after fifteen minutes.

Indiana then launched an attack, Cameron heading the ball just over the bar. Just before the interval, McKenna evened up the score by heading in from McGhee’s corner kick.

Indiana set a fast pace upon resuming. Carson, Millar, Carlson and McGhee all sent in shots which Carson cleared. The second period had gone twenty minutes when McGhee gave Carlson a perfect pass, the inside left hitting the upright with a smash. Bob Millar caught the rebound and easily beat Carlson. From then until the end of the game Indiana played on the defensive with marked effect and prevented the Steel Workers from equalizing.

The line-up:

Indiana -- Bethlehem
Lundberg – G -- Carson
McIntosh – R.F.B. -- Berryman
Ferguson – L.F.B. -- Allan
Gallagher – R.H.B. -- Harris
Terris – C.H.B. -- Carnihan
Cameron – L.H.B. -- MacGregor
McKenna – O.R. -- Jaap
Schylander – I.R. -- Granger
Millar – C.F. -- Stark
Carlson – I.L. -- Rollo
McGhee – O.L. -- Goldie
Referees – T. Cunningham. Linesmen – A. Laurie and J. Cunningham. Goals – McKenna, 2; Millar, Stark, McGregor. Time of halves – 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club