The Globe-Times - Bethlehem
May 10, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Gunning for Players
The English soccer season is closed and we are curious to know what is filtering through the minds of a good many of the European stars with leanings Americaward. If American managers are dickering for celebrities they are keeping their negotiations a strict secret; safeguarding their interest until the package is all wrapped, tied up, sealed and delivered. Each of the recent years in American big league soccer has witnessed importations, so this year will hardly be an exception. The development of American-bred players is gradually coming, but at present not enough to supply the demand and until that time, the American clubs will continue to be a source of concern to the European magnates. Numerous rumors are heard and if they materialize there will be quite a few surprised in store for soccer fans. But rumors are rumors and until they materialize, the least said the better. But as a gentle hint, these rumors do not affect only one club, but quite a few, so that whatever process of strengthening clubs is resorted to, it will not be confined to individual cases, but will be general throughout the circuit, assuring another well balanced league for the 1927-28 loop and cup campaigns.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club