The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, May 10, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Glasgow Rangers
The Glasgow Rangers soccer team is coming to this country this month and the visit of the famous Scottish soccer clan is one of the biggest boosts the sport can receive. The record and reputation of the Scottish championship holders are world-wide and every red-blooded soccer enthusiast wand many who are not quite as red-blooded but familiar with soccer on the other side of the pod will take the day off to see the Rangers in action. Other tours of foreign soccer tams have been made to the United States but not any which in merit it is quite safe to say, compares with the crack Rangers. In the past when a crack touring team came to this country, Bethlehem was usually one of the first objectives on the trip. But, alas, that was in the days when they flocked to the soccer park in droves. Bethlehem is no longer included in the itinerary.

New York Gets the Go-by
Quite surprising in the layout of the schedule is the elimination of New York. Strange, too, when the powers behind American soccer ballyhoo New York as the ideal location for a profitable game. The preference given to New York for big games was manifest this season when a precedent was established in staging a final in the U. S. F. A. cup competition on the Polo Grounds, the home lot of one of the finalists. In this respect, however, we might say that the gate alone could hardly have been the incentive for it is believed that the final in Brooklyn would have gone over just as big. A little persuasion from influential quarters no doubt helped do the trick.

Those Nationals
While handing out a line of soccer lingo it might not be amiss at this time to call a gentle reminder to those Nationals and the part the Steelmen will have to play to retain its prestige in the soccer world. The Nationals tossed one into Bethlehem in the arc light game on the Polo Grounds last night by creeping up on the Steelmen in the league grind. The Steelmen's third position in the league standing is by no means comfortable now and if Bethlehem is to have a representative in the final say for the league champions Bethlehem will have to get a hustle on. The Nationals created quite a furor in their recent games, bowling over New Bedford, then Fall River and now Bethlehem, three of the most formidable clubs in the circuit.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club