The Globe – South Bethlehem
Friday, May 12, 1916

Yesterday’s victory of Disston gives the Bethlehem soccer team a chance to land the Philadelphia League championship providing it wins tomorrow from Hibernian, Philadelphia.

Disston scored first yesterday and the steel workers had to fight hard to equalize.

Great credit is given the team for the way it fought in the second half with the Sun and wind against the players.

Fleming’s goal was one of the best seen by the local fans this season.

The playing of two hard games with such teams as Disston and Hibernian, in two days is a severe test for any team, but the aim of the Steel Company management is to fulfill its league schedule at all costs.

The game will be played on Taylor field tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock.

Hibernian will arrive in town on the 2:20 train from Philadelphia and will be at full strength.

Bethlehem may make a few changes in the line-up of yesterday.

J. H. Carpenter of Bethlehem will referee.

Both teams are expected to line-up as follows:

Bethlehem. – Positions. – Hibernians.
Scaife – goal -- Hughes
Fletcher – R. F. B. -- Hubbard
Ferguson – L. F. B. – Wilson Murray – R. H. B. -- Waltemate
Clarke – C. H. B. -- Robinson
Morrison – L. H. B. -- McLean
McKelvey – O. R. -- Coursey
Pepper – I. R. -- Barret
Brown – C. F. -- Derbyshire
Graham – I. L. -- Fossey
Fleming – O. L. -- Whitley

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club