The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, May 13, 1918
For Second Time This Season the Team Tastes of the Cup of Defeat
And West Hudsons Prove the Winner in a National League Contest Yesterday

In a National League game played yesterday afternoon on Clark's field, Newark, N. J., West Hudson F. C. defeated Bethlehem Steel by the score of 4 goals to 2. Incidentally the defeat was the second game lost by the Steel Workers this season and the first time in the history of the famous eleven that they had four goals scored on them.

The Steel Workers gave the poorest exhibition of soccer they have shown in years, not one man on the team playing anything like the form that brought them into the National and American cup final. The greatest fault of all was the lack of shooting ability on the part of the forwards, Easton, Pepper and Murphy being exceptionally weak in front of the goal. Fleming, regarded by many as the most dangerous shot in the country failed to show anything wonderful in the first half and during the entire second half did not receive one pass from either halfbacks or forwards and was easily the loneliest man on the field.

Captain Pepper won the toss and chose the end with the wind behind him. Heminsley kicked off for West Hudsons and in the first minute Stark sent a stinging shot just outside the pole. The Steel Workers took up the attack and after several exchanges during which both goals were in danger, Ratican opened up the scoring with a shot that the goal tender got his hands on but could not hold. On the restart the Hudsons rushed the Bethlehem goal but Duncan cleared and Campbell relayed to Ratican, who again scored for Bethlehem on a shot that was too fast for Snaple. At this stage it looked as though Bethlehem were going to have a runaway, but the Hudsons proved to be anything but a beaten team and after thirty minutes' play, Holt scored for Hudsons with a shot too close in to give Duncan a chance. This success proved to be a great stimulus to Hudson and before the crowd had cooled off Brown made the score two goals each with a shot that Duncan apparently failed to see, as he never moved from the center of the goal. Score at the end of the first half: West Hudson 2, Bethlehem 2.

Bethlehem started off as if they intended making up for the poor showing in the first half, but it was only a flash and in a few minutes after the restart the Hudson forward line moved down on Duncan with clever soccer and Brown put his head on a nice cross from Stark. The Hudsons were now playing with desperation, every man going into the game with all the energy he possessed. The fullbacks especially playing a wonderful game and the Steel Workers forward line found it impossible to move in unison. After fifteen minutes of play Bethlehem's right wing carried the ball up the field on a nice passing movement, but Murphy's attempt at goal was wide of the mark.

Towards the close of the game Fleming sent in the only shot he got in the 2nd half, but the ball went wide once more. The Hudsons returned to the attack and after forcing a corner Heminsley made the score four for the Hudsons when he got possession after Duncan struck the inside of the post in his effort to clear. No further scoring took place and the final whistle found Bethlehem defeated for the second time this season.

West Hudson -- Bethlehem
Snaple -- G -- Duncan
Kelly -- RFB -- McKelvey
Mills -- LFB -- Ferguson
Lennox -- RHB -- Murray
McKie -- CHB -- Campbell
Costello -- LHB -- Kirkpatrick
Duggan -- OR -- Murphy
Stark -- IR -- Pepper
Heminsley -- CF -- Ratican
Holt -- IL -- Easton
Brown -- OL -- Fleming
Referee -- C. Ward, Passaic. Linesmen -- J. Abernoth, West Hudson; W. Morrison, Bethlehem. Goals for West Hudson -- Brown 2, Holt and Heminsley. Goals for Bethlehem -- Ratican 2. Time of halves 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club