The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Thursday, May 13, 1926
Former Pittsburgh Player Has Earned Title as One of the Best in the League

Johnny Jaap, diminutive outside right of the Bethlehem Steel team, who will cavort in that position in the semi-final round of the American League cup tie competition on the former Bethlehem Steel field, on Saturday afternoon, is one of the outstanding finds in the league this season. His success is a tribute to sheer determination, coming to the top after being buffeted around and previously released by the Steel management.

Selection a Wise One

When the Bethlehem management selected Jaap to replace George Forrest at outside right, many of the wise ones predicted a Steel blunder, but since the little speed merchant has performed regularly in that position, opinions have been considerably altered. Jaap today ranks along with the best outside wing men in the league and what is most encouraging is that fact that he seems to improve in every game.

Jaap will be one of the important cogs on the Bethlehem front line in the game against he New York Giants on Saturday, when the Bethlehem forwards, with Granger and Rollo at the inside position, Goldie at outside left and the goal scoring Stark at center forward will match their goal scoring prowess against the fast and dangerous New York front line in which Davy Brown will undoubtedly be the outstanding star.

Brown Dangerous Man
While Brown is feared by practically every club in the circuit, where incidentally his success as a goal scorer has been most pronounced, he has yet to run wild in a game against Bethlehem. Brown has played mostly in the center forward position against the Stele Workers and in this position found an impregnable barrier in Bill Carnihan, captain and center half of the Bethlehem team.

Bethlehem Line Top Notch
Supporting Carnihan on the halfback line will be the celebrated duo of McDonald and MacGregor, both of whom have shared in the honors bestowed upon this trip as the greatest halfback line in the country. And it is in cup games that these players are usually at their best.

Bethlehem's defense for the cup game will rest with Joe Berryman, Billy Allan and Dave Carson, the latter to work in goal. Allan has been most consistent of the Bethlehem backs this season, playing with a dash and effectiveness that have earned him a place with the best fullbacks in the East. In Moorehouse, the Giants have a back who sizes up individually as a worthy rival to Allan. Berryman, when at his best, could not be improved upon, but the big, lanky, Bethlehem defense man has a tendency to be a bit temperamental and if things break bad, be thrown off his game. However, compared with Kelly, of the Giants, the Steel Workers' fullback has the call.

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