The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 13, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Eastern Soccer League Title
The proposed round robin series to determine the championship of the Eastern Soccer League may be scrapped, according to advices emanating from New York. The contention in the metropolis is that no round robin engagements are necessary since Bethlehem, winner of both halves of the split season, is the logical champion. Had New Bedford remained in the league the originally proposed series might have been played for at the time the Whalers jumped back to the outlaw organization they were topping the circuit.

Will Carry On
Should Bethlehem be officially awarded the championship the Eastern League campaigning for the season is a closed book. However, the local booters, primed for a fling in a title series will probably carry on for a little while long before hanging away their togs. Several games are in the making and these may involve journeys to New York, Philadelphia and Detroit for exhibition affairs. One, if not two games are certain, and both against the Preston North Ends, the English tourists invading this country and who play the first game against Hakoah All-Stars in New York this weekend. The steel workers may play Hakoah at Philadelphia on Memorial Day for charity.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club