The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, May 14, 1918
Soccer Notes

Bethlehem Steel soccer team have already forgotten their defeat of last Sunday from West Hudson F. C. in the National League game, and will put all their energy into serious training for the replay of the National Cup final with the Fall River Rovers F. C. on Sunday at Harrison, N. J.

In the first game at Pawtucket the majority of the fans were Rovers supporters and cheers for Bethlehem were exceptionally scarce, but a large number of Bethlehem fans are sure to go to Newark to witness the game and as the Steel Workers are exceptionally popular in the New York district, they will find conditions entirely different.

Secretary Cahill of the United States Football Association has announced that the same officials will handle the game, as handled the one at Pawtucket two weeks ago.

Bethlehem Steel still have a fighting chance to win the National League, as both Paterson F. C. and West Hudson F. C. must visit Bethlehem. At present the Steel Workers are second to Paterson.

Babcock & Wilcox staged a surprise when they defeated Fore River in the semi-final of the American Cup. The Babs will now meet Bethlehem in the final at Pawtucket, R. I., on May 25th.

From certain circles in southern New England have come protests over the action of the national challenge cup competition committee of the United States Football Association in awarding the replay of the national championship match to Newark, N. J. New England has been favored with the final so frequently that in some circles soccer fans in that distinct have come to consider the annual classic of the country's football realm as a fixture belonging to that section. Seemingly they have lost sight of the fact that the national challenge cup competition is nation-wide or virtually so and that many districts have as much claim on the big game as has southern New England. This will be the first year in a long time that a cup final game will be seen in this district.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club