The Globe -- South Bethlehem
May 14, 1919
Bethlehem Steel Champs to Play Paterson In That City Next Sunday.

A soccer season that from all indications will be extended throughout the Summer months and up to the time of next year's campaigning, will start for the Bethlehem Steel champions on Sunday. As was usual in former years, following the regular scheduled games and one or two exhibition contest the team usually disbanded until the opening of the following season.

Not so this year, for, according to the arrangements made by Manager Sheridan, the champions will be kept busy throughout the Summer months and figure in one of the most extensive tours ever conducted by any team in this country The arrangements were partially made by Manager Sheridan and Thomas W. Cahill, representing the United States Football Association.

Starting with next Sunday, the team will journey to Paterson, where they figure in a game with that team in a scheduled National League game. Returning from Paterson the players will continue strenuous practice for three exhibition games to be played in Canada and at Niagara Falls.

On Friday, may 23, the team will leave over the Lehigh Valley railroad for Canada and will play the first game of the trip with the All-Stars, the cream of the players in that district on the following day. On Sunday, May 25, an all-star team will be pitted against the champions at Niagara Falls, and on Monday, May 26, the players will return to Canada for an exhibition game with an all-star team at Hamilton, Ont. Immediately after this game the players will return home for a brief rest and by this time definite information will be received relative to the tour to Sweden.

If the trip abroad is made, said Manager Sheridan, the team will in all likelihood leave this country about July 10. These arrangements are entirely in charge of Mr. Cahill, secretary of the United States Football Association, who has given the champions all assurances that the trip will be made. It is also understood that at the same time the American aggregation is touring Sweden, the Chelsea and Tottenhanhotspur teams of England will also be there. The latter two are the most prominent in Europe and it is said that the former seldom play before a crowd of less than 45,000. For Bethlehem the trip will comprise about six games, and negotiations at present are on with the English team for a game each to be played either at Stockholm or Christiana. Two months will most likely be required for the trip, and upon the return of the players they will be conditioned for the opening of the next soccer season.

At first it was believed that the Bethlehem F. C. would leave for abroad intact, but since then it has been learned that the U. S. F. A. who are making the arrangements contemplate dropping several members of the local team and replacing them with several star players picked from some of the other clubs. These changes are not made, it is said on playing merit, but because it is deemed advisable since the team then to tour could be advertised as an All-American selection with the champions forming the nucleus of the organization.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club