The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, May 15, 1916
National Champion Ties Disston For American League Lead By Victory

Seven goals to none was the outcome of the soccer game Saturday between Hibernian, Philadelphia, and Bethlehem Steel, with victory going to the national champion. As a result of this victory, Bethlehem ties Disston for first place in the Philadelphia American League. Hibernian never was dangerous having only two tries for goal, both occurring in the second half, one being from a corner.

On the other hand, Bethlehem had the ball in the Philadelphians’ territory practically all the time. In ratio to the many tries for goal that Bethlehem had, comparatively few goals were made. For instance, it took thirteen tries and the forcing of three corners before Brown managed to score the first goal. Quite a long interval ensued before Clarke made the second goal too.

The second period found the Hibs weakening and Bethlehem pressing all the harder with the result that five goals were scored. Those made by Lance, Fleming and Pepper were brilliant and sensational. Lance dropped a high one into the net from thirty yards out. Pepper beat three men and dribbled to the mouth of the net, while Fleming had one of his famous hard angle-drives.

Hibernians. – Positions -- Bethlehem
Rawson – goal -- Scaife
Jones – right full-back -- Fletcher
Watson – left full-back -- Ferguson
McDonough – right half-back -- Murray
Bevon – center half-back -- Clarke
Wilson – left half-back -- Lance
Jacovilli – outside right – McKelvey
Gallagher – inside right -- Pepper
Fossett – center forward -- Brown
Barrett – inside left -- Graham
Scott – outside left -- Fleming
Goals – Pepper 2, Clarke 2, Fleming, Brown, Lance. Referee, J. H. Carpenter, Bethlehem. Linesmen, Wilson Bethlehem, McDonald, Bethlehem. Two forty-five minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club