The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Saturday, May 15, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Day and the Game
Today on the Bethlehem Steel Field the National soccer champions are striving to annex additional glories. Tomorrow Bethlehem will continue to strive for the H. E. Lewis trophy, when the second half of the semi-final round cup game will be played in New York City. The change of field and surroundings should be no disadvantage to the local team, especially so if a lead of two or three goals can be piled up this afternoon. Records of the season disclose that Bethlehem has recently been a good road team. In the National Cup classic, Bethlehem advanced tot he final and then aspired to the championship after having played every cup game away from home. With the count three out of four, one of which included a National Cup tilt, we look to the Steelmen to repeat their success.

Local Color to the Invaders
Either New Bedford or Providence will contribute more local color to the game. Should it fall to the lot of Providence to meet Bethlehem in the final, the invaders will be a clan of footballers collected by Sam Fletcher, former Bethlehem back, and when in his prime one of the best fullbacks ever to draw on a boot in American soccer. On the other hand, if it should be New Bedford, the invaders will present a team fortified by two former local favorites. Neil Turner and Sturdy Maxwell have contributed much to the success of the New Bedford team, runner-up to Fall River for the American Soccer League honors. All this, providing Bethlehem, of course, survives the test of the semi-final grind over the weekend.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club