Bethlehem Globe
Friday, May 16, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Just What the Chances Are
The mathematicians have been busy with the pencil and pad and a visit to the headquarters of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team discloses the fact that the Steel Workers are still in the American Soccer League race. Chances of grabbing the bunting, while figuratively speaking are possible, it is admitted that it is barely probable. Still greater upsets than losing three and tying one game in the closing stages of a league race have occurred in the past. However, the attitude of optimism these mathematicians have inspired can do no harm which seems a battle royal when the Steel Workers meet Fall River in the fifth and "rubber" meeting of this season.

How Bethlehem Can Win the Flag
While Bethlehem is in the running for the flag it would seem that the chances of the New York F. C. are even better situated and to be perfectly frank it would probably be for the good of the game if the Gotham dribblers would nose first to the wire. It would man a more equal distribution of the American soccer honors with Fall River the national champion; Bethlehem Steel winner of the historic American Cup trophy and New York F. C., the champion of the American League race. However, if there is any chance of grabbing the flag Bethlehem wants it and this briefly is what must happen to deprive Fall River of garnering the title. Bethlehem must win all of its five remaining games; Fall River must drop all and New York can win four and draw one. Then the final standing would read like this:

Games Played





Fall River






New York












Fall River Would Have to Slump Badly
There is such a thing as a slump experienced in all branches of athletics but with the remaining games to be played in the American Soccer League the Fall River team would have to drop dead to lose or even prevent a draw in the four remaining games. Fall River after and before winning the title had a string of consecutive victories although a good many of the games were won by the so-called hairline margin. Possibly the team was getting entirely too "rocky" and it may be that the fall Bethlehem took out of Fall River in the American Cup competition at Jersey City last Sunday might have a bearing on the morale of the New Englanders. Understand these are just possibilities which very few soccer fans, if any, would brave as an absolute prediction. Should the Steel Workers again take over Fall River on Saturday afternoon, the New Englanders have at least two more hard games to play. One will remain with Bethlehem to be competed in Fall River and another with the New York F. C. in New York Oval.

Picking the Referee
In a Fall River-Bethlehem game the selection of a referee is one of the most important factors. Not that the league officials are incapable of handling the game, but there are some who are possessed with even greater qualifications than others which is only natural in most any run of sports. Officiating in a Fall River-Bethlehem game, as has been noted in at lest three of the four starts of these two teams, one would hardly refer to the task as a soft job. Due to the intense rivalry existing between the two clubs the official must be on the jump every minute and to close the afternoon with success must have the courage of expounding his convictions with firmness. Thomas Cunningham is assigned to the Fall River-Bethlehem game by league executives and his choice to handle this important affair should meet with the general approval of the fans. Cunningham comes from the New York District, living in Brooklyn, N. Y., and has proved quite satisfactory with his services in the league this season.

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