The Globe-Times - Bethlehem
May 16, 1927
Boston Wins Easily in Home Town Saturday, 6 to 2 - Brooklyn Wins 1 to 0

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team concluded the American Soccer League schedule with two games played over the weekend and incidentally both of which terminated in defeats for the league champions. The loss of the points in no wise effected the standing of the Bethlehem Club, finishing on the top of the heap with several points to spare.

Hubmen Score Six Goals

The Steelmen launched their two-game tour against Boston at the later place on Saturday afternoon and were defeated by the score of 6 to 2. It was the second victory for the Hubmen over Bethlehem this season while the other two games ended in draw results.

Up until the last fifteen minutes of play the contest was a real soccer game with little to choose between the two teams. The end of the first half found Boston leading by the soccer of 2 goals to 1 and also with the play about equal.

The teams continued at a fast pace at the restart and went along on even terms until the waning minutes of the contest. In the last fifteen minutes Boston rallied with an attack that fairly swept the Steelmen off their feet and accounting for four goals before the final whistle. The lineup

Boston - Bethlehem
Davidson - G -- Edwards
McMillan - RFB -- Barrie
McArthur - LFB -- Ferguson
Batgles - RHB - McDonald
Priestly - CHB -- MacGregor
R. Ballantyne - LHB -- Reid
McNabb - OR -- Jaap
Neilson - IR -- Granger
Blair - CF -- Gillespie
J. Ballantyne - IL -- Rollo
Fleming - OL -- Goldie
Goals: Blair 2, Fleming, Neilson, McNabb, J. Ballantyne, Gillespie 2, Referee; Derrece. Tiem of halves, 45 minutes.

Loss at Brooklyn

Playing with several changes in the lineup, Bethlehem Steel lost a close game at Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon, by the score of 1 to 0. The match marked the close of the league competition and was witnessed by more than three thousand fans.

Neither side scored in the first period. Playing with the wind, Bethlehem set the pace in the first half, forcing six corners, all of which, however, were well cleared by the Brooklyn defense. Brooklyn was credited with a corner in each period, and Bethlehem added two more in the second.

Fast play marked the opening period, which resulted in the retirement of Sedlacek, Brooklyn's center forward, whose collarbone was injured when he struck the ground after a collision with Barrie of Bethlehem. Neilson took his place twenty minutes from the start and finished the game. Midway in the second half Barrie in turn was hurt and gave way to Ferguson. Near the close of the match Granger of Bethlehem was incapacitated and retired in favor of Hankin.

The Wanderers finished the first half in the top of their stride. Eisenhoffer, who had not been at his best until then, drove in a lightening shot, which Edwards stopped. Brooklyn went at it full tilt after the re-start, and in seven minutes Bethlehem's well-defended citadel gave way to the bombardment. Neufield on the right wing, netted the ball from Eisenhoffer's pass. In the closing minutes Bethlehem came back strongly but the repeated attacks were sturdily met by Gross and McMillan. The lineup:

Brooklyn -- Bethlehem
Smith - G -- Edwards
Gross - RFB -- McDonald
McMillan - LFB -- Barrie
Mahrer - RHB -- Reid
Sibrit - CHB -- Carnihan
Morris - LHB -- McGregor
Neufeld - OR - Forrest
Konrad - IR -- Granger
Sedlacek - CF - Gillespie
Eisenhoffer - IL -- Rollo
Adair - OL -- Jaap
Goal: Neufeld. Referee: C. E. Creighton. Linesmen, E. McCabe and J. Hume. Tiem of halves, 45 minutes.

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