The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, May 17, 1918
Soccer Notes

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team will complete training this evening for their final National Cup game at Harrison, N. J., on Sunday. The Bethlehem defense and halfback line will be the same as that which has brought the team through all the preliminary rounds of the cup. The forward line will not be determined until the morning of the game because weather conditions may cause a change. The game will start promptly at 3:30 and all Bethlehem fans who would like to see the game are advised to go to Newark on the 8:35 Lehigh Valley or go by Jersey Central on the 10:45, straight to New York and return to Harrison on the Hudson tube. The following players will make the trip: Duncan, Fletcher, Ferguson, Murray, Campbell, Kirkpatrick, Murphy, Pepper, Ratican, Easton, Forrest, Butler, Fleming, Morrison, McKelvey, Wilson, Whitson and Whelan.

West Hudson supporters will be sure to be behind the Steel Workers in Sunday's game. The Hudsons are exceptionally bitter at the treatment they received at the game at Fore River.

Charles Crichton, who refereed the final game at Pawtucket, will again have charge of the game on Sunday. Joe Boot and Sam McLerie will act as linesmen.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club