The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
May 17, 1927
Bethlehem Club at Wilkes-Barre Saturday in Aid of Crippled Youth.

Although soccer league and cup campaigns are concluded for the present season, the Bethlehem Steel players will continue for several more games before hanging away their togs for the summer spell.

Two exhibition games have been arranged with the possibility that several more will be thrown in before the curtain drops on local soccer activities. On Saturday afternoon the team will invade new fields, with a trip to Wilkes-Barre for an exhibition game. Bethlehem's contribution to this game is inspired by a charitable disposition.

Benefit for Cripple.

Soccer is still in its infancy in Wilkes-Barre although the anthracite city boasts of a smart club. Interested in the activities, not as a player but as a booster, was a young miner who had the misfortune of having his foot crushed, necessitating amputation. His friends, many of them also interested in soccer, planned a benefit and appealed to the popular Bethlehem club for assistance.

While there is only one other immediate booking, the prospect of several more games is good. On Sunday, May 29, the Bethlehem team will play the New York Giants in New York City. This game will be played at the New York-Indiana Oval.

Several members of the team will visit their home abroad for the summer after soccer activities are closed. David Edwards, Tom Gillespie and Jim Barrie have booked passage for Scotland, laving the Saturday before the Giant game. William Reid, a halfback, formerly of the Philadelphia club and who joined Bethlehem late in the season, will be another to visit his home. Reid's home is in Belfast, Ireland.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club