The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, May 17, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Keep the Team Here
It is gratifying to note that the service clubs of Bethlehem have taken cognizance of the contemplated action of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team to remove the club to some other city and if such action were to be taken to play under a name other than Bethlehem. The service clubs have been active and have done good work in boosting other projects of civic importance and their efforts in behalf of the soccer team will undoubtedly materialize successfully if the similar cooperation of other ventures is forthcoming. The facts of maintaining a big league soccer club have been put before them and the conditions demanded are by no means exorbitant or out of the question. Now is the time to act for to defer until later might be with extreme regret. A mere assurance of 1,000 attendance at each game will keep the team in Bethlehem and after all that number seems a paltry number in a community such as Bethlehem can boast of. Since the service clubs have decided to take some action it is hoped that fraternal and other organizations as well as the individual will cooperate in whatever play they might decide upon.

Playing Under the Name of Bethlehem
Philadelphia fans have become very receptive to the team in spite of the fact that the name of Bethlehem has been retained by the club. However, no one could expect the team to continue playing under the name of a city it really did not represent and if the team played its entire schedule elsewhere next season and is given the support necessary to maintain the club it is only natural that the club should play under the name. The gossip that the team might play elsewhere next season is by no means a line of idle chatter. Overtures have been made for the franchise and some mighty attractive and luring offers at that. Of the cities in the racket for the club, Trenton is a red hot prospect. Newark would hand the gate to the present club now under the wing of Tom Adams and if Newark supported a losing outfit for years, it would be an interesting experiment to see what support would be forthcoming with a winning club. Then there's Philadelphia also to be considered. In making a proposition to retain the club here, the management does not simply seek financial support, it is moral encouragement such as is given by enthusiasts and large attendances at games in other league cities that the club wants.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club