Bethlehem Globe
Monday, May 18, 1914
2-0 Bethlehems Score at Philadelphia, Saturday - Dance in Colosseum, Wednesday

Bethlehems and the Allied American Association of Philadelphia closed their season in Philadelphia on Saturday with a double header. Ideal weather prevailed and a good crowd attended the last games of the season. Putnam F. C. winner of the Second division defeated the Centenary F. C. winners of the Third division by the score 3-0 and the Bethlehems, winner of the First division, also an amateur cup winner and champion of America upheld its splendid reputation by defeating the All-star of the Allied league 2-0, thereby ending a wonderful season with a glorious victory. Bethlehems played splendid football, its passing and teamwork was pleasing and it deserved the victory. The Allied Star team played an aggressive game but could not break down Bethlehems' defense. Bethlehems will give its first annual dance in the Colosseum on Wednesday night. Music by the Bethlehem Steel Company Band and Ueberroth's orchestra.

Saturday's lineup:
Bethlehems - Pos. - All-star
Scaife - G - Carter
McKelvey - R.F.B. - Hubbard
Stewart - L.F.B. - Hemingway
Murray - R.H.B. - A. Brown
Morrison - C.H.B. - J. Brown
Lawler - L.H.B. - McGraw
Harrison - O.R. - Monk
Lewis - I.R. - Thompson
Lance - C.F. - Hewitt
Donaghy - I.L - Gunn
Fleming - O.L. - Wilson

Referee - W. A. Mayne. Linesmen, G. Young and J. Kerr. Time of halves - 40 minutes. Goals for Bethlehsssm - Fleming and Lewis.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club