The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, May 18, 1925
New Comers on Bethlehem Team Show Their Wares in Fine Shape

by F. S. Nonnemacher
Newcomers to the lineup of the Bethlehem Steel F. C., sporting the colors of the Steel Workers for the first time this season in actual conflict against the Philadelphia F. C. were grossly slighted in the game played on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon and won by Bethlehem, 6 to 0.

Slighted in that with the weak competition presented by the humble Phillies the new talent had little opportunity to show its stuff. Newcomers to the ranks were Messrs. McCormick, in goal; Herd and Reid, backs, and Huyland, a halfback. In addition the Steel Workers presented a re-arranged forward line which, in the final half, was still further shuffled up and by no means recognized as the Bethlehem team which campaigned the American Soccer League season.

McCormick, in goal, was hardly more than a passenger. He didn't have an opportunity to handle a real shot in the entire ninety minutes of play, and the few occasions he had to clear were usually paved by his teammates who shoved the ball to him. Usually a hard and strong kicker in practice, McCormick's efforts in this respect were not very impressive on Saturday afternoon.

Of the backs, Herd, until recently with the Fore River team at Quincy, Mass., seemed the most versatile. The value of experience was predominant throughout the game and while Reid looked promising his efforts seemed more laborious than those of Herd. Reid has an excellent physique, is big and strong and in body tackling is seldom going to get the worst of it. However, his display was a bit crude, all of which can probably be remedied after several games with the veteran and clever aggregation comprising the Steel team.

Huyland, a Norwegian who for some time has been located in Bethlehem as a draftsman employed in the local offices of the Bethlehem Steel Co., played a halfback position and in that berth seemed perfectly at home. Big and strong and chuck full of stamina he worked at a fast pace from start to finish and impressed equally as well as did Herd. Probably not as finished as the latter, Huyland, nevertheless is fearless in tackling and has a very good kick.

So much for the new players. Now for the game. Of the latter there was little to it but Bethlehem, although in justice to the visitors they played valiantly against odds pronouncedly superior. Shortly after the opening whistle there was little doubt as to the outcome and it was more a matter of how many goals the visitors would score.

With Bill Carnihan, Bethlehem captain and center forward, the only regular involved with the clan of rookies on the defense, and Carnihan playing like a Trojan, the offensive movement of the visiting forwards were readily checked. Occasionally a Philadelphia forward would slip past but never to come dangerously close to the Bethlehem citadel.

On the other hand, the play throughout the contest was mostly in Philadelphia territory. Early in the game Stark tested Nichol, who although beat on many shots, seemed the bulwark of the visitors' defense in saving on just about as many labeled as the number to score. In the Steel Workers' offensive, Archie Stark, premier league counter, was the big gun and a continuous source of terror to the opposing backs. All that Stark contributed to the victory was five of the six goals scored and seemed to spend most of his time in the field feeding Maxwell and Forrest, both of which were "jinxed" on the day's play for, in spite of their hard and accurate drives, Nichol had the uncanny faculty of batting them down and when beat slammed past close to the cross bar.

The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Philadelphia F. C.
McCormick -- G -- Nichol
Reid -- RFB -- Davis
Herd -- LFB -- Ferguson
Huyland -- RHB -- Brush
Carnihan -- CHB -- Ginett
Evans -- LHB -- Sanders
Forrest -- OR -- Huston
Granger -- IR -- McGhee
Stark -- CF -- McClure
Maxwell -- IL -- Lindsey
Rollo -- OL -- McDonald
Goals: Stark 5, Huyland 1. Referee, Kendall. Linesmen: MacDonald and Jones. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club