The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, May 19, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Calm Game Out of Chaos
Enemies no long the U. S. F. A. and the American Soccer League kissed and made up at the annual meeting of the U. S. F. A. held in New York yesterday afternoon. The governing soccer body of the country conceded to the demands of the American Soccer League and now the only thing remaining to cement the relations on a solid and amicable basis is the endorsement of the action of the National Council at the annual meeting of the league magnates which is expected to be held very shortly. The fireworks, if any, seem kept well concealed and the action taken was unanimous.

League a Powerful Body
Recognition of the American Soccer League as a powerful body was apparent in the action of the National Council. The big New England attendances, the big gates, the galaxy of first division talent, the spirited competition and the predominant interest manifest by the patrons throughout the loop, were factors that could not readily be ignored. In fact when the American Soccer League severed relations with the National Association one of the main sources of revenue was cut off. The National body must have finances to promote their activities and in their effort to develop soccer to a higher plane. This revenue can only be forthcoming with the strong professional clubs participating in the National Cup tie play, the annual soccer classic of the country.

Direct Representation on National Council
While announcement is made that the sudden and undramatic ending of the strife between the two organizations is hailed as the greatest step ever taken toward putting the game on a firm foundation in the United States no detailed announcement is made of the matters involved and discussed in reaching this end. However, it was common gossip throughout the circuit that the American Soccer League wanted direct representation on the National Council and is apparently what they got for the league was determined in standing by its guns. The other important issue was the division of the gate receipts in the semi-final and final rounds of the cup tie play. The league suggested that 15 percent was sufficient instead of the former 33 1/3 percent. Whether any other adjustment has been made is not known, but it is believed that the league magnates were just as determined on this issue as direct representation. No matter what the issues involved were, soccer league fans will rejoice with harmonious relations again established.

Obstinacy Cost Association Plenty
The severance of relations for the one season could have been avoided but for the persistently obstinate attitude of the National Association moguls in the West last season when practically the same concessions as those granted yesterday were asked. And the experiment of separate bodies during the year discloses handsome profits for the league while for the association it cost plenty. This is apparent by the treasurer's report which reveals a surplus of some $12,000 in the treasury, as compared with a surplus of over $18,000 at the annual meeting in 1924. It is acknowledged that this difference in the surplus was due to the withdrawal of the American Soccer League clubs which incidentally would have been the biggest drawing cards. Affiliation with the National Association means that in addition to the National Cup tie competition the season will be more extensive than ever in the history of the sport for it is hardly likely that the American Soccer League will abandon their cup competition and the intersectional games for the National professional championship.

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