The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Wednesday, May 23, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Boosters to Meet
Soccer boosters have again rallied to the cause and will assemble at the Hotel Bethlehem on next Monday night to devise ways and means by which the Bethlehem soccer team can be retained in this city. The boosters contributed much to the efforts of the local management in stimulating interest in the sport and the renewed activity will be welcomed by soccer followers. All boosters are urged to attend the meeting.

Service Bodies Active
The renewed efforts of the boosters to keep the club here have been more or less inspired by the announcement of the inter-service club council which at a recent meeting came to the fore to offer its help. The boosters will plan to work in harmony with the service clubs and the Chamber of Commerce and with such united cooperation the soccer team, an institution in Bethlehem for a good many years and one that has brought renowned recognition to this city, there is every belief that the blue and white of the local club will again be booting the ball in their own back yard out on Lehigh field.

Out in the Cold
The Glasgow Rangers will start their American tour on May 30. Bethlehem was originally scheduled to meet the crack Scot team in Philadelphia on June 2 but recent arrangements governed and controlled by Nat Agar, enterprising and commercializing manager of the Brooklyn Wanderers, have left the Steelmen out in the cold. TO be more explicit, Bethlehem has been eliminated as the opponent of the Rangers. There is quite a mystery and Quaker fans who have been patronizing the Bethlehem club are entitled to an explanation from Mr. Agar.

Will Play in Brooklyn
The Rangers will, of course, meet the team managed and owned by its American representative, Mr. Agar, the Brooklyn Wanderers, eliminated in both cup competitions and nowhere in the league race. The date was set for May 30 at Ebbetts Field but a double-header baseball game and a fight in the evening on the same lot have forced Mr. Agar to change his plans. He then gives Philadelphia the May 30 date and himself takes the original Bethlehem date, June 20. Rather tough on Bethlehem.

The Philadelphia Plan
And now the Philadelphia proposition. From where we sit it looks like an empty house. Certainly the reception will not be anywhere near what it might have been if Bethlehem had been retained to meet the Rangers. Mr. Agar has suggested that a team be organized from among the players in the Eastern district, most of whom are located in Philadelphia. A team virtually of amateurs to play the crack Ranger outfit. This plan seems nothing short of ridiculous and forecasts a burlesque rather than a game. But Mr. Agar would have it that way and since Mr. Agar is the American representative, his plans must be honored. It could hardly be that Mr. Agar fears a defeat of the Rangers if Bethlehem got the first crack at them in this country. Such an occurrence would be nothing short of disastrous, particularly insofar as the gate might be concerned when the Rangers go to Brooklyn to pay on June 2. Bethlehem's out and that's that.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club