Bethlehem Globe
Monday, May 26, 1924
Won First Part of a Double Soccer Bill in New York Oval

Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeated the Newark F. C. in the opening half of the double bill played in the New York Oval yesterday afternoon by the score of 4 to 2. Bethlehem fielded a club with Walter Jackson playing an outside position and Granger at center forward. Another change in the Steel Workers' lineup was Carson in goal instead of Bill Highfield.

Newark's first goal was counted by McArthur with a shot on which Carson had no chance whatever. The Newark outside wingman got possession of the ball due to a misunderstanding of the Bethlehem backs and blazed it into a corner of the net. This lead was short-lived for shortly afterwards Bethlehem equalized when W. Jackson made a beautiful run down the field to the goal line. In centering he sent the ball back about eight yards, just far enough to be out of the reach of the Newark goalie and Granger shot the goal. The half ended with the score tied.

Inspired by their early success there was still a lot of fight in the Jerseyites and they came back strong at the resumption of play shortly after which they again took the lead. This time Davy Brown scored when the ball was centered, touched the foot of one of the Bethlehem backs and rolled just out of the reach of Carnihan who was waiting to clear. Again, Carson had no chance to save the shot. From then on Bethlehem monopolized the play.

The equalizer came after a corner by Goldie in which the ball was cleared and sent back to the Bethlehem outside left, Goldie again centered and A. Jackson hovering in the vicinity of the net headed it in. A header from McGregor on W. Jackson's corner shortly afterwards put Bethlehem into the lead for the first time and from then on the visitors seemed to wilt. The Bethlehem defense by this time was impregnable. The fourth and final count came after a pretty movement down the field and some brilliant soccer playing by Goldie. Granger started a run down the center and drew the visitors' defense toward him. In a flash he crossed to Goldie who instead of returning the ball cut in dribbling prettily. No less than four visiting backs attempted to tackle him but he successfully evaded these efforts and dribbled the ball to within about four yards of the goal from which he shot. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Carson -- G -- Bowman
Young -- RFB -- Fletcher
Ferguson -- LFB -- Neil
McGregor -- RHB -- Murray
Carnihan -- CHB -- Kelly
Robertson -- LHB -- Kirby
W. Jackson -- OR -- McArthur
A. Jackson -- IR -- Green
Granger -- C -- Best
Maxwell -- IL -- Campbell
Goldie -- OL -- Brown
Goals -- Bethlehem: Granger, A. Jackson, McGregor, Goldie. Newark: McArthur, Brown.

Referee -- G. Caldicott. Linesmen -- W. Halliday and J. J. O. Malley. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club