The Globe-Times Bethlehem
Wednesday, May 26, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Forcing Soccer on the Public
Fans are not taking kindly to the encroachment of soccer on the baseball season. And soccer will undoubtedly suffer through it. Practically all American Soccer League clubs will close shop on Decoration Day for the Summer season, and should be doing so in order to give full sway to baseball and other summer sports. Brooklyn is one of the clubs in the American Soccer League that has bucked at this routine and expects to wage a campaign well into the summer season. American League soccer clubs are among those that are not taking kindly to this arrangement, contending that the layoff season is needed to stimulate and arouse interest when the lid is popped off for another year of campaigning, which usually occurs early in Fall. Brooklyn played a series of games with Canadian clubs, and Brooklyn plans to bring the Canadians to New York for a similar series some time in June. As it is, the season is plenty long enough, in fact, too long, insofar as the league closes shop with some scheduled games unplayed. Baseball would hardly be popular as an all-year sport. And neither is soccer in the present stage of development.

Big Confab of League Moguls
Every year the American Soccer moguls gather for reorganization. At this meeting suggestions are entertained, opinions aired and matters that crop up during the year discussed. These meetings have been anything but a pink tea in the past and it is to be expected that the meeting to be held in New York on Saturday of this week will run true to form. There are some weighty questions to be disposed of, according to gossip picked up here and there in barnstorming around the league circuit. All of which indicates some stinging tongue lashing when the representatives take the floors. Chief among the business matters will be that of electing the executive board for the following season. While on the surface everything is harmonious, undercurrents of dissatisfaction threaten to burst out with a bang.

Reducing the League to Ten Club
The extended schedule necessitated by a twelve-club circuit, it is understood, is not generally approved, especially so with several clubs in towns where no effort has been made to strengthen in the last year or two. Some of these clubs, it is believed, are due for the gate. Gossip heard intimates that the clubs on the fence are Newark and Philadelphia. Shawsheen, winner of the National championship a year ago, it is understood, has already received the gate and its franchise is to be taken over by business men in Springfield, Mass. Should by any chance Philadelphia and Newark be dropped, the league would continue with ten clubs and cut down on the schedule of games materially. That seems to be the favorable sentiment flowing around the circuit.

Bethlehem to Continue
Bethlehem Steel, National champions and recognized as the best drawing card in alien territory, is among the certainties. Up New England way and down around New York, the Steel Workers have as many if not more supporters than at home. In addition to this, it is certain that the Bethlehem management is continually on its toes in bolstering up the team. Other clubs have been equally as active and have had sufficient financial support during the season to go into the open market and barter for the transfer of players. IF given one guess on the personnel of the league for next season, we would pick Bethlehem, Fall River, J & P Coats, Providence, New Bedford, Brooklyn, Indiana Flooring of New York, New York Giants, and Springfield, Mass. And perhaps some of these clubs will undergo a change of ownership. This group would form an ideal league.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club